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Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are a delicious root vegetable filled with much flavor and health benefits. Sweet potato fries are so popular now and a healthier choice than french fries. I love sweet potato fries served with a creamy basil dipping sauce. Sweet potato pie is also a favorite of mine. Served with vanilla ice cream, who can beat this winter treat? Are those recipes a bit to ambitious? Okay, go for the regular sweet potato casserole. Sweet potatoes, butter, warm spices, that is really all you need. Top with some mini marshmallows and you are good to go to dessert heaven.

Sweet Potato Pie


If you like Sweet Potato Pie you usually aren’t a Pumpkin Pie fan. If you are a fan of Pumpkin Pie you usually don’t like Sweet Potato Pie. Seeing as I am an equal opportunity dessert lover, I am a fan of both pumpkin and sweet potato pie. While I have stated that I love anything Pumpkin, I do also love anything sweet potato. Pumpkin Pie goes with Cool Whip and Sweet Potato Pie with vanilla ice cream!

The best sweet potato pie I have ever had was in Sacramento, California. Gloria, who cooks the best in everything she makes, whipped up the simplest looking pie. I was reluctant to eat it but did out of courtesy…OMGoodness! That is one of the best eating days of my life. The pie was out of this world. And although I never got the recipe I have tried to recreate it many times. This is as close as I have come…although not perfect.

Delicious Rating: I remember Gloria baked her potatoes but this recipe calls for boiling. Next time I will try the other way. It is a good pie. I use a 9-inch deep dish pan and the filling was just perfect. The crust is an easy no-knead-no-roll pie crust. Easy recipes are my thing of course! I will keep this pie recipe on hand for future use. I am submitting this to Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts! this month hosted by!



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