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Ice Cream

There are many varieties of the frozen sweet called Ice Cream. Dairy based, fruit based, or water based, ice cream is a delicious treat that is great not just during the summer! If you ever invest in an ice cream maker you will not forget it, they are worth ever penny and sometimes don’t cost that much for a very quick and effective ice cream maker. Allergic to lactose? Vegan? Don’t fret, I have a vegan soft serve that is to die for and better than most cream based ice creams! Let me know what you think of it when you try some of the following recipes.

Banana Split


After Lemons and Apples, Bananas place third in ‘My favorite dessert fruit’ category. Bananas are great in bread, pudding, cream pie, and of course split with ice cream. This is what I crave on a warm evening at home. While strolling through an amusement park or even when I pass a Dairy Queen. There are so many opinions and varieties of what constitutes as a Banana Split. But when it comes to my Banana Split, I like to keep it simple.

Delicious Rating: Anyone can make a banana split with this easy recipe and the results will definitely be Delicious!



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