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When the moon hits the sky like a big Pizza pie…it’s delicious! Making homemade pizzas are fun, healthy, and taste better than that delivery stuff! Pizza dough is a cinch to make and our photo instructions help guide you through the recipe for easy cooking. You can top a homemade pizza with anything you want, free of charge! Want extra extra pineapple? Add it! I love making homemade pizzas for myself, with kids, or with a bunch of friends. The personal size are fast to bake and taste delicious. You will save a lot more money and enjoy the time spent than ordering delivery pizza.

Homemade Pizzas


I think that I could live off of pizza, warm out of the oven or next day out of the fridge. Growing up, pizza was a weekend staple with a rented movie from Blockbuster. Good times, good times. Now, I am making Homemade Pizzas and ordering a movie right off of the TV. How times change!

I love making homemade personal pizzas. You can mix and match really anything you want and customize if for any diet. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or super carnivore these pizzas are perfect and half the price tag. I loaded mine up with fresh tomatoes, basil, artichoke hearts, bell pepper, onions, and olives! Seriously Delicious. My DH loves anchovies and really went to town on his pizza.

Delicious Rating: Don’t overwork the dough on this one or you may end up with a tough cookie. I love this dough! It was so workable and smooth. Add some Italian seasoning to the dough for more flavor in the pizza if you’d like. Almost all the ingredients for the dough are in your pantry; so if you have a lot of veggies to use up this is your go-to recipe. Any combination will be delicious so it really doesn’t matter what you put on top, just add what you like. This is a perfect easy recipe for a night at home, when you have friends over, or for children.



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