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Vermont Brownie Company Review & Giveaway


Vermont Brownie Company (10)

We take your love of brownies to a whole new level. Pairing gourmet chocolate with local farm-fresh ingredients, we promise a taste adventure to savor.
We know what an active lifestyle you lead. It can be hard to find time to treat yourself. So go on, grab a Vermont Brownie Company brownie and a comfy chair, and simply relax. Our brownies are perfect for a moment all about you.

Yes, please!!! If you love an ooey gooey decadent chocolate brownie than the Vermont Brownie Company has just what you need. If you are a bit biased against my dear friend Chocolate, do not despair, the Vermont Brownie Company also has some delicious Blondies! I have never been a huge fan of brownies. They are the only dessert my DH will eat on a regular basis. So when the opportunity arose to review these Brownies, I knew he would love them. The only thing I didn’t expect is that I would love them even more!
Vermont Brownie Company (2)Vermont Brownie Company (3)The first Brownie I went for was the Walnut Chunk. One bite and I was sold. I didn’t even offer my hubby any. I literally licked the crumbs off the plate. Who knew a brownie could be so good? It seriously is loaded up with walnuts and has a nice gooey center without being overly sweet. Each Brownie stands on its own, full of fresh ingredients and chocolate. The Toffee Crunch Brownie uses homemade toffee from pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Sweet crunchy toffee in between fudgey bites of deliciousness.
Are you salivating yet?
Maybe the Peanut Butter Brownie is more your thing? All natural peanut butter paired with chocolate. Need I say more? Each Brownies is freshly made and individually wrapped & sealed. They will keep fresh for up to 12 days. I heated up mine in the microwave for about fifteen seconds and enjoyed with a cold glass of milk. You could also eat with ice cream or enjoy the brownie on its own. These brownies make a great gift for anyone deserving, even yourself! The Vermont Brownie Company wants to giveaway a sampler pack to one of you readers! Enter below and leave a comment on which flavor you would love to try!
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***I received the above Vermont Brownie Company Brownies as a thank you for facilitating this review. The opinions I shared about them are my own.***


Pasta Chips Giveaway Winners!


We had a great time giving away some delicious Pasta Chips. If you are one of the winners listed below be sure to check your email for your Congratulations and to receive your prize! Thank you for all who participated and we look forward to the next giveaway!

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Pasta Chips Review & Giveaway



I am a total snacker. There are always chips, crackers, fruits, and cookies on hand in my kitchen. So when the opportunity arose to try Pasta Chips, I jumped on it. The kind folks at Pasta freely sent me over the five flavors of the Pasta Chips: Sea Salt, Alfredo, Marinara, Garlic Olive Oil, and Spicy Tomato Herb and below is my personal opinion of each one. They also want to send 3 of my readers the same gift box of Pasta Chips! Make sure to enter the giveaway below!

The Pasta Chips are made of semolina flour and oven-baked thin. It’s like a cracker chip that is full of flavor. A big plus is that they have 60% less fat than regular potato chips. So I didn’t feel guilty at all when I devoured the bag of Marinara Pasta Chips! They are also low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and have 120 calories per serving!

Pasta Chips

The box was all fancy wrapped protecting the deliciousness inside. The kind folks sent me over the five flavors of the Pasta Chips: Sea Salt, Alfredo, Marinara, Garlic Olive Oil, and Spicy Tomato Herb. Each different flavor of chips are inspired by seasonings from a region in Italy.  Here is my honest review of each flavor:

Pasta Chips Marinara
Marinara: My favorite of all five. The chips were full of yummy spices that were inspired by Naples. They have a nice tomato tang to it but not heavy. Completely addicting and could easily be eaten by itself…on the couch…watching tv…for breakfast.


Pasta Chips Sea Salt
Sea Salt: These reminded me of a wheat thin. They are simple yet delicious. Since they are the plainest of all the chip flavors, they are perfect to pair with dips like hummus, french onion, or even some slices of cheese. The inspirational region is that of Puglia.


Pasta Chips Garlic Olive Oil
Garlic Olive Oil: If you love garlic than these are definitely for you. The Italian region of Abruzzo is the taste profile region of these pasta chips. At first the garlic was a bit overwhelming for me, too strong for a chip. But I tried again the next day after seeing my DH devour half the bag. They aren’t bad at all, once you know the garlic level you are about to enter.


Pasta Chips Alfredo
Alfredo: The actual flavor of Alfredo go lost somewhere before entering these pasta chips. Inspired by Rome, the spices lacked any creamy cheese flavor it was going after. The initial taste was not appealing and the powdered coating was a bit too salty for me.


Pasta Chips Spicy Tomato Herb
Spicy Tomato Herb: My least favorite of them all. They have a strong tangy flavor that wasn’t spicy nor tomato. It is a bit off putting and lingers in your mouth. It really fell flat for me and not wanting more of this flavor from Calabria.


What I like you may not, and what I didn’t enjoy, you may love! So give these a try and enter below to win your own box of the 5 flavors of Pasta Chips.
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***I received the above Pasta Chips as a thank you for facilitating this review. The opinions I shared about them are my own.***


Back to Life, Back to Reality

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Last month I had the privilege of volunteering at a kitchen on a building project for two weeks. Back-to-back-to-back thirteen hour days are no joke! Us local volunteers spent our hours prepping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After serving the meals we would do clean up. My DH was on dish duty for the days he was able to take off of his real job! It was hard work but  whole lot of fun. We made friends with some great people and ate some pretty delicious food everyday. Each day I saw these great recipes being prepped and cooked, and it made me think of how much I have missed creating easy recipes, cooking them up, and posting them here on It was the ‘kick in the butt’ I needed to get back on track.

Since DH & I have moved back to the USA six months ago, we have been busy. Busy as volunteer teachers, busy with adjusting to life back in the states, and busy with catching up with family and friends. Life is not as simple as it was in Costa Rica. I certainly do miss the walking, the laid back lifestyle, and, of course, the beach! It was an amazing cultural experience to live in the town of Puerto Limon for two years and it will definitely be missed. But we are back to living in Cali, back to life, back to reality. So CookEatDelicious! is back too. We have some great giveaways coming up in the next few weeks and some really delicious easy recipes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr for all of our behind the scene recipes and details on the delicious giveaways.


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