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Pecans are one of the most popular nuts. Perfect in Salads, Savory dishes, Pies, and Pastries, Pecans are a wonderful Nut that can be utilized in a variety of dishes. It happens to be my favorite although I have never been a fan of Pecan Pie. The pecan nut is soft and packs a punch in taste and flavor. I love to snack on raw pecans or toast them in the oven. Candied pecans are a wonderful snack for guests before serving dinner or dessert. Chop up pecans and add to any muffin or bread or even cookies that you plan on baking up.

Pecan Coffee Cake


Coffee cakes are perfect for baking on any occasion. Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert, a gift, or even just to fill your home with a wonderful scent of baked bread.This is by far one of the best Coffee Cakes that I have ever eaten. It is a perfect balance of cake/bread and gooey goodness. It was almost reminiscent of a cinnamon roll, the middle had to be the best part! I also ate a slice with some vanilla ice cream which made it more dessert. But feel free to enjoy this with your morning cup of coffee as well.

Delicious Rating: This is a yeast bread so it involves a little skill of working it just right but once you have it down it becomes an easy recipe to bake up. Adding too much flour could be detrimental to the bread. However I doubt this Pecan Coffee Cake could turn out bad at all. It was delicious. I used a strawberry jam but you can change it to apple, apricot, or any other berry you like. You will not want to share this once it is out of the oven but if you do your friends will be raving and want the recipe for sure!



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