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Beef has to be my favorite type of meat. A good cut of beef is priceless when it melts in your mouth, no chew required! Although I don’t eat beef now as much as I used to, I savor my steaks when I do charcoal grill them or order them at a good steak house. What is your favorite type of beef and how do you like it prepared? Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, Ground Beef, and Sausages…Beef comes in so many forms and here we have all the Beef Recipes you need! Browse through our Delicious Beef recipes for an easy meal to cook up!

In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style


No, drug I did not eat all of these burgers…I mean I could have and certainly wanted to but I split the box with my DH and it was delicious. I love love love In-N-Out. It is usually one of our first stops off the plane when we go home for a visit. You see those thick slice of cheese? The Animal Style spread in between the juicy hamburger patties? You see it? You want to eat it? I know I do! But being 4, stomach 000 miles away can get a bit expensive to just go get a burger every time I want one. The next best solution is to cook one up myself and I think I have done a pretty good job, who can say that they had the best copycat In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style in Costa Rica?

Check out the Easy Recipe for the delicious In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style HERE!

And next time you make this recipe or go by my favorite fast food burger place, please channel my inner pig and eat an extra one for me!


Double Double Animal Style


What is it about biting into a juicy, cheesy burger that gets me all warm and tingly inside? I don’t know but I get the same feeling every time we go home and drive by In-N-Out. Man, I love me a double double animal style no pickles with a strawberry shake. Unfortunately, I live about 3,500 miles away from home so I don’t have the option to pick up a quick lunch from In-N-Out. The next best thing, of course, is to cook a double double animal style no pickles at home. So that is just what I did!

Delicious Rating: Let me start off by saying that any burger home cooked has and will always be my preference. I just don’t cook meat that often at home let alone ground beef. But this burger, this “trying to make an animal style double double at home” cheeseburger is amazing. Like seriously, easy recipe and delicious eats. It isn’t a perfect copycat of In-N-Out though. The bun is not the same and my patties were thicker than In-N-Out’s. Other than that though I wouldn’t change a thing.  The spread is dead on and the cheese is so ooey gooey…this is what love is:



Beef Stroganoff (from leftovers)


Some dinners leave me with separate foods, generic leftovers, that when put thoughtfully together can make another meal. I usually boil up a whole pack of pasta at once and save the remaining cooked pasta in the fridge for another day. I fried up some ground beef for tostadas the other night and decided to cook some sort of dish with the both of them.
Beef Stroganoff. Yes, my noodles are not flat egg noodles but you have to work with what you have!

Delicious Rating: Easy recipe, especially if half the meal is already cooked! The sauce is creamy and I really enjoyed it. Next time I will use flat egg noodles, they will do better with the sauce. Overall, it was a quick and easy meal that I will repeat again.



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