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Fried Rice

Fried rice is a perfect complement to a main meat entree or is great by itself. There is shrimp fried rice, chicken fried rice, beef fried rice, spam fried rice, or a combo of all! Fried rice usually contains some scrambled egg in it, which is my favorite part! Everyone has their own preference to where they like to eat fried rice. I enjoy my personal recipe but PF Changs can make a mean Fried Rice Combo. Where is your favorite place to eat fried rice or do you cook it at home? Try our fried rice recipes for some delicious eats!

Spam Fried Rice


Be honest. You like spam. The saltiness. The crispy pan fried edges. The mystery of what you are actually eating. Admit it. You like spam.

I like spam. Fried super crispy and served with rice. Oooh…a spam musubi. Yummy! But most of all, I love some Spam Fried Rice. I love to make this when I am just hanging out on the couch watching tv. It is the perfect ‘hanging out’ food. If you are afraid to eat spam, try this recipe first. Trust me, you will like spam.

Delicious Rating: Maybe I am being bias towards my good friend spam but I think this is the best fried rice recipe ever! It is seriously delicious and an easy recipe to cook. Use some day old rice for the perfect consistency. I add extra eggs because I think you never really get enough egg in fried rice from a restaurant. My sauce is a little more sweet than others but change up the amount of ingredients in the sauce according to your taste. And please…please tell me if you like spam!



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