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The warm aroma of Garlic cooking is something almost irresistible…until you smell like garlic after eating it! This root vegetable is a friend to almost any meal, giving a strong delicious flavor. Saute garlic in a little olive oil before starting your marinara sauce or use it as a base for pan frying fish or other meat. Garlic can be roasted easily in the oven for smooth and soft garlic goodness, great for breads, crackers, or eaten by itself. My favorite garlic recipe has to be Roasted Garlic Crab and Garlic noodles, nothing gets better than garlic, butter, crab, and pasta!

Garlic Crab Linguine

Garlic Crab Linguine (13)

I am all for easy recipes. And if I can make a delicious pasta dinner in under 15 minutes, then I am sold! This crab recipe does just that. In the time it takes to boil the pasta, you are done cooking the sauce. I use lump crab in this recipe and it is just a matter of heating the crab meat in the sauce and tossing in the pasta.

Delicious Rating: Butter…Garlic…Crab…Pasta…really?! Are you seriously wondering if you should cook up this recipe?! GO! Buy the ingredients and make this up for dinner tonight!!!

Garlic Fried Peppered Chicken

Who doesn’t love chicken, especially when it is fried in garlic and pepper? This is a  chicken dish you will love! It is fried and seasoned multiple times but is well worth the crispy garlic crust that is formed along with the juiciness packed inside. This layers of flavors chicken was served with some Boiled Cabbage and my favorite Jalapeno Bacon Macaroni & Cheese!

Delicious Rating: This may not be the healthiest chicken but it is surely good. Make sure you have everything ready and read through the recipe before starting. There are a few flips and season layers that my throw you off if you aren’t paying attention to which one you are on! My DH loved it and thought it was a delicious change up to regular fried chicken or baked chicken recipes I use.


Garlic & Basil Flatbread

Flatbreads are easy bread recipes for any occasion or meal. You can mix and match with different herbs or use as a pizza dough too. The options are endless. I served this flatbread with some Pasta with Avocado Cream Sauce. The flavors of garlic and basil really went perfectly with the simple pasta and this bread holds up great to clean the plate as well!

Delicious Rating: I really enjoyed this bread. It is soft and a little chewy, which I love when it comes with pasta. As I said the options are endless.  I think I will use this again for pizza dough or chop in fresh herbs when mixing the dough together. Then just bake or drizzle with a little olive oil. How do you like your flatbreads? I am open for suggestions!


Roasted Garlic & Potato Soup

Potatoes are so versatile. As Samwise Gamgee would say, you can “Boil ’em, Mash ’em, Stick ’em in a stew.” Wise words Samwise, wise words indeed. I like to keep potatoes on hand in the house all the time. I usually end up making breakfast potatoes with them when they start to grow eyes. I had some left over the other day and decided to make a potato soup, why not? My DH loves soup and what could possibly go wrong?

Delicious Rating: Roasting the garlic takes a minute so you could always short cut it by using roasted garlic sold in a jar. I found this soup to be Okay, nothing more or less. It just didn’t do it for me. It was a bit starchy from the potatoes and the garlic was more of a background flavor although I used a full head. I don’t think I will make this soup recipe again, it just didn’t have that Delicious factor that I want out of my food. However, my DH did enjoy it and preferred it cold. You may also favor it so give this easy recipe a try and let me know what you think!


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