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Although classified as a fruit, eggplant is most often cooked as a vegetable, hence it being under our vegetable category! Most recipes for eggplant call for it to be sweated, which is a very easy process to take out some bitterness and excess moisture as well. I never liked eggplant growing up but now that I am older I love it especially in my favorite Eggplant Parmesan easy recipe! There are many different types of eggplants available to cook and eat, or even snack on raw. Why not broaden your culinary skills and try something new? With the following eggplant recipes you will find what you like and what you don’t!

How to Sweat an Eggplant

When it comes to cooking eggplant many wonder sweating an eggplant. What is sweating an eggplant? Why sweat an eggplant? And how do you sweat eggplant?

First, what does it mean to sweat an eggplant? By adding salt, or salting cut pieces of eggplant and letting it sit for a certain amount of time, the eggplant will start to ‘sweat’, excess water and moisture will be drawn out. The little beads on the eggplant resemble sweat, hence the name.

Second, why should you sweat your eggplant before cooking?  Sweating the eggplant by salting it tenderizes the texture of the eggplant flesh and reduces the bitter taste often found in eggplant. Also, with the moisture being drawn out, the eggplant will absorb less oil used in cooking.

Third, how do you sweat an eggplant? Our easy photo guide will give you step by step instructions. Just click on the following:

Layered Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant has never been one of my favorite vegetables…I mean fruits…but we will keep it as a vegetable for now. Maybe it was mental, I mean who really wants to eat a fat purple thing? I remember when I was around 22 years old we went out to this Thai restaurant with friends and did a family style thing. Spicy Eggplant was ordered and looked terrible when it arrived at the table. “Oh, you just have to try the eggplant, it is the best” they said. Well, I tried, I liked, I ate more. But I never had eggplant again for years after that and the next experience was horrible (another time we can delve into that). So when I wanted to cook up some Chicken Parmigiana but the chicken was looking suspicious at the store, I went for the eggplant. When I did my vegan stint I always read recipes about eggplant as a meat substitute. I thought, why not?

Delicious Rating: Why did I wait so long?! Somebody should have/could have told me that this fat purple thing can be utterly delicious when cooked just right! I went double on the cheese because anything is great with cheese but the eggplant really stood alone as delicious. I served the eggplant parmesan on spaghetti noodles but you can easily serve it alone with salad and bread. Or include the pasta and keep the salad and bread too. Part of the success of the meal really depends on the sauce you use. I used my easy classic marinara sauce recipe but if you don’t have the time, you are more than welcome to use your favorite jarred red sauce. This easy recipe is definitely a keeper!


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