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Cabbage is versatile in Soups, Salads, Slaws, and Sandwiches. Stuff it, Fry it, or Steam it for some Delicious Eats! But if you smell something really bad after cooking it, don’t worry, it isn’t the garbage can! The cabbage just gives off a funky smell sometimes after it is cooked and sits or has been refrigerated after cooked. Cabbage also can cause gas…so maybe that smell isn’t the food at all! Okay, that was a bit too much information, but you get my drift. Let me know your favorite cabbage recipe so I can cook it and post it here on Cook Eat Delicious!

Boiled Cabbage

Cabbage is an easy side dish recipe to cook up for any dinner. Just be careful on over doing it. Cabbage can cause gas…not the good kind. Sorry if this is TMI but a warning is always issued as needed!

Delicious Rating: YUM! Sometimes I cook up some boiled cabbage just to eat as a meal in itself. It is great to serve as a vegetable side with the Jalepeno Bacon Macaroni and Cheese and a piece of Garlic Fried Chicken. If you want to go a little healthier, viagra buy forget the butter and season with fresh herbs for a nice change up.


Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Who likes KFC’s coleslaw? Hands? I am not going to lie, I like it. And their mashed potatoes too but that is another food post.

Coleslaw is the perfect side dish for a BBQ. It also is great for pulled pork sandwiches…yum. It is a super easy recipe to cook up, making it quick and painless.

Delicious Rating: This Coleslaw recipe is delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it, literally, my DH had to pull me away from the bowl. He said it was totally KFC’s coleslaw but with red cabbage. It tasted similar but just a thousand times better. Let me know your favorite coleslaw recipe!


Lentil Cabbage Soup

I like to make soups. I like to make soups out of leftover veggies and pantry items. I like to throw my leftover veggies and pantry items in a crock pot and cook all day until dinner.

I had half a bag of lentils, vcialis 40mg a cabbage head, and one bell pepper, one carrot, and some celery…soup anyone?

Delicious Rating: Any crock-pot meal is a super easy recipe. I love to start the crock-pot in the morning for dinner to be ready around dinner time or start the crock pot before I go to bed. It is such a nice feeling to wake up to the smell of something wonderful! This soup is full of healthy stuff. Add more if you would like!


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