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A Vegan Diet eliminates all animal products. period. no exception. Some choose to go on a Vegan diet for ethical reasons while other adopt a vegan diet for dietary reasons. But no matter what reason you have for searching for Vegan recipes, vegan food tastes delicious! Plus, a vegan diet can be a whole lot cheaper than a regular diet. By eliminating meats, eggs, and dairy, you can save a lot of money at the grocery store. I love cooking vegan recipes and am always open to try more including desserts. Check out our delicious collection of Vegan Recipes.

Ponzu Green Stir Fry

Ponzu Green StirFry - Delicious Vegan Recipe
My go to easy recipe for dinner has to be a stir-fry. I always have some veggies in the fridge; broccoli and carrots are must haves in my house. There is always a piece of ginger root hiding behind something and of course some garlic. Rice and a few bottles of condiments are always on hand as well in my pantry. So when I haven’t put any thought into what we are having for dinner, stir-fry it is! It is a healthy delicious meal. Almost always vegan & vegetarian, full of fiber and plant proteins. This time around I had some Marukan Ponzu Premium Soy Dressing with Sudachi Citrus in my pantry and decided to make a Ponzu Green Stir Fry.
Ponzu Green StirFry (4)

Delicious Rating: I am in love with this Ponzu Dressing! It is an absolute must in your pantry and there are plenty of recipes on the Marukan site to cook up using the dressing. I balanced out the citrus with some ginger and honey. It was a nice change up to my Tofu Stir-Fry recipe adding another layer of flavor to the sauce. I only used green veggies and they were great but next time I think I will add a red bell pepper and some carrots for some color on that plate! FOR RECIPE & PHOTO GUIDE CLICK → → RECIPE & PHOTO GUIDE

Avocado Broccoli Linguine

What color is California? I know that might seem like an odd question, but humor me, if you had to choose a color for California what would it be? I was thinking green, a creamy light green that is beautiful when the sun hits it. An avocado green perhaps. This pasta is definitely California. The greens from the spinach, broccoli, and avocado give it beautiful color when the sun hits it. This recipe is super easy, relaxed, laid back, perfect anytime of day or year. It is full of flavor, fun to eat, and yet surprising, never boring or dull. This pasta is definitely California.

Delicious Rating: Okay, so maybe I am bias being from California or maybe it is really that great! If you love Cali then you will definitely love this pasta. It is packed with garlic and a light olive oil sauce that is balanced with all the veggies in this vegan recipe. Broccoli and Spinach and Avocado, can someone say “Yum” please?! This is one of those easy recipes that cook up in 20-30 minutes and you are never left with leftovers. Please try this and let me know what you think!


Vegan Tacos

Over the past couple of years I have realized that you can really “veganize” any recipe and be left with a delicious meal. When you minus the meat and dairy and eggs, vegetables really have a chance to stand on their own and they taste great. Don’t get me wrong, I do still eat meat and dairy and eggs, I am just learning to appreciate food without them. Case and point: Tacos “veganized”. No meat, no cheese, no sour cream. Rather sauteed veggies, thick black beans, cream avocado…yum! This easy recipe was a cinch to cook for lunch with simple ingredients that were in the fridge and pantry. I highly recommend it.

Delicious Rating: I used the mini corn tortillas and ended up eating four, they were addicting and full of flavor! My DH said they were great and would have been better with some sort of rice inside too. If you want a heartier taco, I recommend adding rice, but without rice I felt they are light and filling. I had onions and squash so that is what I sauteed up. Feel free to use bell peppers, asparagus, carrots, even broccoli. Keep it simple so that you can really taste each vegetable  without muddling them together and let me know how they turned out!


Split Pea Soup

I love peas. I eat peas out of the can cold…super yummy to me! About eight years ago I had my first bowl of split pea soup in New York. It was the best thing I have ever had. Like seriously, one of the best meals of my life.  And then eight years pass and I never have it again. I forgot all about Split Pea Soup until out of the blue one day my DH tells me that he loves split pea soup. “Um, since when?” I wondered, seeing that we have been married for a while and split peas have never ever been brought up into food conversations. So I decided to take a stab at it and now split pea soup is a regular easy recipe that I make at home.

Delicious Rating: This soup is delicious. My DH loves it and so do I! It is thick and hearty but at the same time it is light, not heavy and weighing you down. I love the chunks of potato and carrots. The split peas dissolve into the broth and cover each veggie in its greeness which tastes delicious. Since this is a vegan/vegetarian recipe, there is no salty ham that is often times found in a split pea soup. But believe me, you won’t miss it at all. The bowl below speaks for it self!


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