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Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns are usually served for breakfast or dessert. Made from a yeast bread, the dough is rolled out and rolled into buns. The baking pan has been lined with a sticky sauce and then the rolls are placed on top and baked. The pan is inverted so that all the sticky goodness ends up on top! Whoever thought of this wonderfully delicious idea was a culinary dessert genius! Sticky buns can have nuts or fruits added as well. They aren’t usually served with frosting but if you do they are just as good to eat, just a bit more sugar.

Lemon Rolls


Lemon Rolls, oh Lemon Rolls, where art thou lemon rolls? Oops…we ate the whole pan! Like, ate the whole pan and cleaned out all the sticky crumbs with my fingers. I love anything Lemon. Throw in some dough carbs and a cream cheese frosting…OMGoodness!

Lemons Rolls…imagine a cinnamon roll without the cinnamon but more on the sticky bun side and flavored with lemony goodness. Sounds about right. This is an easy recipe that you will enjoy baking up for breakfast or dessert or tea time or for dinner! If you aren’t a huge lemon lover like myself, these rolls are perfect to sub in Orange, Cardamom, Lime, or maybe even pineapple!

Delicious Rating: If you can’t tell already, I totally love these things. The inside has this sugar-lemon zesty-spiced filling that just melts your tongue away because it is so delicious. I will still make my Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls recipe for my DH since that is what he prefers but every now and then I will sneak in a lemon roll recipe for my personal delight.  Let me know how you like your sticky rolls in the morning!

So good…



Vanilla Cinnamon Apple Sticky Buns



These Sticky Buns are a delicious combination of warm dough, cinnamon, caramel apple goodness, and a deep vanilla flavor. What could be better than that? The best thing about these Vanilla Cinnamon Apple Sticky Buns (besides the long name) is the easy recipe used to bake them up. In two hours max you can have two pans of these ooey gooey sticky buns on the table…

The secret to these Sticky Buns turning out so well is the Vanilla. I used the Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste. This Vanilla is to die for and perfect for baking. It adds in so much more vanilla flavor without overpowering it like some extracts can do. Want a bottle for yourself? The folks over at Nielsen-Massey are giving away a bottle to one reader on Stay tuned for the giveaway this Monday!

Delicious Rating: Delicious all the way. Not super sweet but sweet enough. The bun dough is soft and moist, perfect for a cinnamon roll recipe too! I will definitely make these Vanilla Cinnamon Apple Sticky Buns again. I served them with a Cream Cheese Frosting, which was great to eat by itself as well. You don’t need the frosting if you want to stick to the traditional sticky buns but it does add another dimension of flavor and option to the dish. Let me know what you think in the comment box!



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