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Soft Serve

Soft Serve contains less milk than regular ice cream and contains higher amounts of air. It is also Delicious. If you are on a vegan diet or are allergic to lactose, do not worry, you can still enjoy eating soft serve, just without the milk or cream! I have a great vegan soft serve recipe that really requires a few ingredients and a little amount of prep time. Do you have your own favorite recipe for soft serve? Please share it with me so I can try it out and post is up here on Cook Eat Delicious! I am always looking for new sweet recipes to try out.

Vegan Soft Serve


When we lived in Sacramento there was a little frozen yogurt place I loved. They would mix in different fruits with frozen yogurt and then top with granola. It was so refreshing on a hot day and really satisfied any sweet craving I had.

Sometimes I would love to have a frozen sweet treat but without the fat & calories as most have. Now I can anytime with this super delicious Vegan Soft Serve. You can mix and match with the fruits you like but I prefer my tropical blend. I cut up fresh fruit into pieces and freeze for when I am ready to use them.

Delicious Rating: This easy recipe is so basic, even a young kid could whip this up. I sometimes have this as my post-workout ‘shake’, just frozen and with a spoon. Make sure you use a delicious vegan protein powder that you like. Otherwise, you may end up with a grainy texture that could ruin the whole thing. Top with as much or as little granola as you would like & enjoy!



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