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Pudding comes in all shapes and sizes, tastes and flavors. More often a dessert, pudding can also be a savory dish. A creamy pudding is made up of sugar and milk and some sort of thickening agent. It is simmered on top of the stove and you can use different flavors or spices. Creamy puddings usually are served chilled but some may be warm. Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, rice pudding, bread pudding, coffee pudding, and the list goes on and on. Which pudding do you prefer, what is your favorite pudding flavor? Creamy chocolate chilled pudding is on the top of my list!

Creamy Fregola Sarda Pudding w/ Saffron Vanilla Bean Syrup


A warm dessert is one of my favorite things. A warm pudding? Definitely high on the list! Creamy and full of flavor, puddings can be a delicious comfort dessert. Fregola Sarda is a great nutty pasta that is the perfect component in a pudding. And who wouldn’t love pasta as dessert?!

Delicious Rating: This pudding is creamy with the perfect blend of vanilla bean to really kick it off. I almost ate the entire bowl when it was cooling down…so good! The pasta was soft but not mushy and it held in so much flavor. The syrup is a smooth concoction of saffron threads, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and lemon zest. It adds a lot more sweetness to the pudding and the hit of citrus, saffron, and vanilla give it a little extra something something. This is an easy recipe and the perfect dessert for any occasion, I will definitely cook it up again.


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