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There are plenty of Pies, savory or sweet. Apple pie is my favorite pie served with ice cream of course! There is cherry pie, rhubarb pie, chocolate cream pie, banana cram pie, lemon cream pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, samosa pie, vegetable pot pie, and the list goes on and on. I wish I could bake them all and share them with you. But for now, here are my Pie Recipes. Leave a comment and let me know what you think and what your favorite pie recipe is as well, I would love to hear your thoughts and likes!

Apple Pie with Crumb Topping

Um…drool?! Like seriously, I don’t know if I should say anything about this perfect apple pie with crumb topping. This is an easy recipe when you are craving apple pie, which is usually almost every other day for me. I usually like a lattice top to get that double crust (I love pie crust) but every now and then I need a good crumb topping. It adds extra sweet and crunch and yumminess that I sometimes just eat all by itself…before it is even baked!

Okay, enough about my horrible greediness for sweets.

Delicious Rating: Bake this tonight, you won’t regret it! I put the crumble on the pie when it first goes in the oven not halfway through. It gets a nice crispy crumble that I love. Also, be sure not to go over with the butter. I find that is the mistake with crumbles that are too soft or break up easily and get lost int the pie. You can use this topping for an apple crisp for greatness as well. Let me know in the comments if you prefer an extra top pie crust or a crumb topping!



How to make a Lattice Top Pie Crust

A Lattice Top Pie Crust is a beautiful way to present your favorite fruit pie. I always thought that the intricate looking design took forever to do and required some extra brain cells to weave all the pieces together just right. But with a little practice and eating a lot of pies, treat I have been able to make a lattice top pie crust easily and you can too. Follow my easy photo guide to help you cook up a beautiful pie that all your friends will rave about.


Deliciously Perfect Apple Pie & Crust

You know that deep dish apple pie that Costco sells? I usually daydream about it at least twice a day, seriously. It is so perfect. Plenty of soft apples spiced up just right inside of a thick flaky crust, the perfect apple pie. Last time we were home I bought one for dinner, my dinner, with a tub of vanilla bean ice cream. It was the perfect dinner, dessert, and breakfast the next day. And no, I didn’t share if you were wondering.
So my apple pie craving has come to Costa Rica and I just had to have it out last night. I was feeling lazy but knew that an apple pie wasn’t going to bake itself so I put on a good TV show and started.

Delicious Rating: First the crust. Very simple with a food processor and by far the best pie crust I have ever eaten in my life, no joke. It is flaky, soft, crusty, and tastes amazing on its own which I think a pie crust should be able to do. The Apple Pie filling is delicious to in this easy recipe. I cut the apples up thinly and tossed with a few ingredients. Let them sit while I rolled out the crusts so that all the juices could flow. I didn’t add all the juice to the pie so that it wouldn’t be overly soggy. It was perfect. I am thinking another tomorrow…
This is my 98th recipe so two more to kick off the 100th Recipe Giveaway!


Sweet Potato Pie

If you like Sweet Potato Pie you usually aren’t a Pumpkin Pie fan. If you are a fan of Pumpkin Pie you usually don’t like Sweet Potato Pie. Seeing as I am an equal opportunity dessert lover, I am a fan of both pumpkin and sweet potato pie. While I have stated that I love anything Pumpkin, I do also love anything sweet potato. Pumpkin Pie goes with Cool Whip and Sweet Potato Pie with vanilla ice cream!

The best sweet potato pie I have ever had was in Sacramento, California. Gloria, who cooks the best in everything she makes, whipped up the simplest looking pie. I was reluctant to eat it but did out of courtesy…OMGoodness! That is one of the best eating days of my life. The pie was out of this world. And although I never got the recipe I have tried to recreate it many times. This is as close as I have come…although not perfect.

Delicious Rating: I remember Gloria baked her potatoes but this recipe calls for boiling. Next time I will try the other way. It is a good pie. I use a 9-inch deep dish pan and the filling was just perfect. The crust is an easy no-knead-no-roll pie crust. Easy recipes are my thing of course! I will keep this pie recipe on hand for future use. I am submitting this to Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts! this month hosted by!


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