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Danishes are sweet pastries loaded with butter…my favorite type! A Danish has a fluffy, buttery, and flaky dough and they are usually topped or stuffed with fruit jam, cheese, custard, or nuts. An icing or glaze is applied to top off the deliciousness. There are a lot of steps that go into baking up some danishes but if you have the time and patience then you will be rewarded with warm yummy treats. I don’t have the time as much as I would like to bake danishes but when a lazy Monday rolls around I know what I am baking!

Danish Pastries Delicious!


Apple danish

When I hear the word “Danish” my mind drifts back to the Cow Palace…when you could choose between a delicious danish or a bagel w/cream cheese. I think I would take both because I was (ahem) am greedy. So when the opportunity arose to learn how to make danishes, well naturally I jumped at it. Who wouldn’t want to eat a warm danish at home, on the couch, while watching TV?! I joined my brother in a culinary class in SF and learned a lot about the whole process of Danish making. Follow the Cooking Guide to start yourself into the process!

Delicious Rating: A lot of work and baking skills go into this. This isn’t one of my easy recipes but it is good! Overworking the dough, temperatures not right, or too much flour can alter the end result for the worse. While they did turn out good, I wouldn’t bother baking them again. The cooking process called for hours of prep and a lot of clean-up only to yield 9 pastries that…sorry to admit…don’t nearly rival any store bought danish. It just wasn’t worth time and effort put into it. Fun experience though and glad I did cook them!



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