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Cinnamon Rolls

The aroma of baking Cinnamon Rolls…YUM! Our Cinnamon Roll Recipes are easy with our photo instructions to guide you through the cooking process. If you love Cinnamon Rolls that are large and delicious, look no further. These are better than any mall or grocery store cinnamon rolls. Make your own cream cheese frosting and smother each cinnamon roll with tasty goodness! Although making cinnamon rolls requires some time for the dough to rise a couple of times, the wait is worth all of the effort. Let me know what you think of the following cinnamon roll recipes when you try them!

Updated Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Recipe


Okay, click I think this is it, order a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Recipe that is perfect. Is it possible, could it be? An easy cinnamon roll recipe that tastes deliciously divine?! Maybe I am being a bit biased since the aroma fills my home with yumminess but seriously, these are really really delicious. My original recipe has always been great but I have been baking these rolls up for years and there are always tweaks here and there to bake them up a little bit better.

So after taking out an egg, adding in buttermilk, corn syrup in the frosting, and just a few other changes, I am confident that you will love this cinnamon roll recipe even more. And winter is the perfect time of year to bake these up for friends and family, so try the recipe and let me know how they turn out!




Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls


My DH and I have an addiction. I am embarrassed to talk about it. It started out that we would share one when we were at the mall. Then we started having one for ourselves. This upped to two each w/extra frosting. And then, well, then we started going to the mall just to satisfy our craving. We couldn’t last 2-3 days without a hit of its gooey center. It became our friend, there when we needed it. But then things changed when we left the country. None of the product is available south of the border. Our withdrawals were getting worse. It was either kick the habit for good or take things into our own hands.

So we started making the product at home. It was a scary endeavor, so many things could go wrong. Everything had to be perfect or it would be a complete bust. But alas! The time and energy spent was well worth it. Our Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls were Delicious and satisfying. No other product can compare.

Delicious Rating: Yummy Yummy Time! If you are anything like my DH and I, you will finish the whole pan if not the same day than the next. These are better than Cinnabon and the easy recipe for extra frosting is free…and you can eat it right out of the bowl…These are also highly dangerous Cinnamon Rolls. You may become addicted. You’ve had your warning.



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