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Cakes…what more could you want? Chocolate Cake. Rice Cake. Layered Cakes. Red Velvet. Cheesecakes. Vegan Cakes. Gluten Free Cakes…Recipes for all the Cakes you want to bake! Sometimes a lot and work may have to go into baking and decorating a cake but it pays off when you eat it and serve it to your friends and family. Once it took me all day to bake a layered lemon cake. I mean, there were a lot of steps to this thing and it was four layers but it turned out beautiful and everyone loved it. There is no better satisfaction. Have your cake and eat it too!

Giant Hostess Cupcake Cake

When we used to cross the border into Texas, we almost always went to this little gas station stop outside of the border town that had a Wendy’s and Dairy Queen. We would buy so much junk at that gas station, I think the workers thought we were going into Mexico. But we had been out for so many months we needed a good ol’ junk food fix. One thing that was for sure was that my DH would buy some Hostess chocolate cupcakes. He just loves those things and inhales them in two seconds! So when we were going on a ‘junk food dry spell’ down here in Costa Rica, I decided to make some Hostess Cupcakes but bigger…and better. So a Giant Hostess Cupcake Cake was born. Imagine the chocolate cupcake times a lot…yeah, it was pretty great.

Delicious Rating: Wow, cake is just perfect Hostess cupcake consistency. I love the chocolate ganache too. Once it firms up it really looks and tastes amazing. The marshmallow filling was spot on too, especially fresh. Unfortunately, we don’t have temperature control in the house so once it warmed up just a little the consistency started to change but it still was good and worked out perfect. This chocolate layer cake is a fun and easy recipe. It is great for parties or special occasions that require a giant cupcake cake. It put a huge smile on DH’s face once I cut into it. He wasn’t expecting that middle filling at all. Cake surprises are so much fun!


Red Velvet Cake

Who can refuse a moist, chocolatey (I know it isn’t a word but you know what I mean) slice of cake, smothered in a cream cheese frosting? I know I can”t. But for the life of me I don’t know why I always passed up red velvet cake at dinner parties. I really just didn’t know that it was chocolate cake colored red. Why color it red? Who knows, but once I was finally coaxed into eating it, I loved it.

So for cake’s sake and mine, I had to make a red velvet cake at home and make sure the recipe was easy enough to want to make it again and again. The secret to this perfectly moist cake is the white vinegar and buttermilk. The crumb is perfect, soft, melt in your mouth yummy…you won’t want another recipe for red velvet cake ever again. Don’t want a red cake? Leave out the food coloring for a just as delicious chocolate cake.

Delicious Rating: I have made this recipe a few times now and love it more and more each time. It is the perfect layer cake and works wonderfully as cupcakes as well. Each time this is served it is gone, none left over what so ever. I used just a basic cream cheese frosting, you can use your favorite recipe or if you prefer the cake alone, it would be perfect with ice cream too. There is 1/2 cup of hot coffee in the recipe that really enhances the chocolate and you mustn’t leave it out! If you give this a bake let me know how you enjoyed it.


Yellow Cake & Chocolate Buttercream

I love love love cake. Something about it is so comforting, satisfying, and just makes me feel like the world is okay. But then I eat the whole thing and well, still feel good! My DH and I used to be addicted to boxed yellow cake and a tub of chocolate frosting. It was our go-to dessert when we were craving sweet. Plus, box cakes are such an easy recipe to make. We would go to the store and buy 4 items, yellow boxed cake, chocolate frosting, milk, and vanilla ice cream. Milk for my DH to drink and ice cream for me to eat with my cake.
Then one day I got to thinking, “I make all these other cakes from scratch and they taste so much better than a box mix, why not make a yellow cake from scratch with a chocolate buttercream?” It was a ‘Duh’ moment for sure. To illustrate how good this cake & buttercream frosting, the delicious rating will include photos.

Delicious Rating:

Yeah, let’s just say I did that to a few slices…

Update: Luscious Lemon Bread or Cake

The first time I tried this bread, it became my favorite lemon cake. I would eat it for breakfast, during snack time, and with vanilla ice cream at night. I couldn’t get enough of it. When we lived in Mexico, lemons weren’t available that often so there would sometimes be months without this delicious bread.

Rating: My Luscious Lemon Bread or Cake recipe is an easy recipe for any home cook and delicious in all ways. The glaze…oh lord, the glaze! I wanted to update the Recipe though. Every time before I would use 2 loaf pans and they would come out with a ‘bread top’, overflowing and a lot of deep cracks. I didn’t really mind it though. But then I started baking them for friends and my presentation needed to be a bit nicer. So I used 3 loaf pans and it sure did do the trick. Perfect Lemon Bread loaves came out, nice and even too! So if you are going to bake up this Luscious Lemon Bread or cake please use 3 loaf pans!

To view the Full Recipe and Photo Guide click Luscious Lemon Bread or Cake

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