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Bars are a quick and easy Dessert or Snack for any occasion. They can be quick and easy to make. I love to prepare bars because they are perfect to serve on their own as a dessert, needing nothing added to them. Lemon bars are my favorite, sprinkled with extra powdered sugar of course! The tart and the sweet really do it for me but then again I am lemons biggest fan so you will never hear any complaints from me. Lemon Bars, Granola Bars, even Peanut Butter Bars, just name a few. Find all the Bar Recipes you need here!

Oatmeal Raisin Bars


I love to try new desserts. Sometimes we are invited over to a friend’s house and I have to come up with something quick and hopefully good to make. I love to bake desserts for other people. They seem to think that it must have taken hours to cook just because it was baked! Even for the most simplest dessert. This recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Bars is no exception. All the ingredients are always stocked in my pantry and cooking/baking them up was a snap. But because they turn out so delicious, friends cannot believe that they are so simple to make.

They are super addicting too so be careful!

Delicious Rating: This is the perfect easy recipe for when you don’t have time to go to the store but need a dessert asap. Most everything is kept in the pantry anyways so there is no need to buy anything. These bars are delicious and super easy to cook. I didn’t know how the peach would taste but it was a wonderful addition. Feel free to switch it up with perhaps apricot. Use vegan margarine to make this dessert recipe completely vegan friendly.


Homemade Brownies


 My DH has never been a huge fan of desserts. The only thing he really loves are brownies. A brownie sundae to be exact. No matter what restaurant we are at, if they have a brownie sundae he is going to order it. After a while we started making the box brownies and going crazy over brownie sundaes at home.

One day I realized, “I can probably make these homemade and they will taste a lot better.” So I started my quest to create the perfect homemade brownies. This easy brownie recipe doesn’t call for butter but uses oil instead. That is frowned on by some but it made for a better brownie for my palate. Let me know what you think.

Delicious Rating: Chocolatey, chewy, delicious. This is the perfect homemade brownie recipe. They aren’t cakey but chewy, like brownies should be. We dress up the brownies with caramel & chocolate sauce. Top with vanilla ice cream and additional pecans…need I say more?



Refreshingly Lemon, Lemon Bars


It’s my 100th Recipe on Cook.Eat.Delicious! Yay! To celebrate, stay tuned for the 100th recipe giveaway coming soon!

How appropriate that my 100th recipe is a lemon recipe. Although apple desserts are my favorite, I have been having a love affair with lemon sweets for awhile now. I know I need to just choose but I can’t, I love them both!

Since I don’t get lemons as often as I would like living in Costa Rica, when I do I go lemon dessert crazy. Lemon bars are always one of the first things to be baked up. I usually eat the whole pan during the course of the day. And then I have regrets the next day, not for eating a whole pan of lemon bars but that I didn’t make another pan for the next day!

Delicious Rating: This easy recipe is up there for one of the best lemon bars I have had. It is lighter than most and a little bit on the sweet side. I think the added lemon glaze gives it the extra sweetness. I don’t particularly like the extra sweet so next time I would leave it out. The crust is nice and buttery with the tartness from the lemon and then the sweet glaze…totally refreshing. My DH loved them, saying that they were the best and perfectly balanced in flavor.

How do you like your lemon bars? More sweet or more tart?



Classic Lemon Bars


Lemons aren’t very common in my part of Mexico. Limes, sure. But Lemons, well, when they do roll around I literally want to buy them all because I can’t be too sure when they will be back. I can’t resist anything lemon. From a Lemon Drop to Lemon Curd (eating it with a spoon) I love Lemons! I was craving strong lemon flavor with just the right touch of sweetness to it. What better than Lemon Bars. They are the perfect combo of Tart & Sweet, Soft & Crunchy. Mmmmhhhh…Just thinking about them makes me want to run to the store and bake a pan of these bad boys!

Delicious Rating: Home Cook is required for baking these Lemon Bars. Although it is a semi-easy recipe, you are dealing with dough for the crust and it can’t be overworked nor over floured. So a little cooking/baking experience is needed. As for the recipe overall, it is simple and doesn’t require many ingredients. They turned out just like I imagined. The perfect Lemon dessert (I will say this about any lemon dessert I make btw). Let them fully cool before cutting & eating. Of course I tried them right out of the oven and it did burn. Letting them cool allows the filling to fully set for clean cuts and good eats. The dusting with powdered sugar is a must for the finishing taste, so don’t leave it out! Overall, I will definitely make them again. These Lemon Bars are DELICIOUS but there are two things I will change for next time. First, I will make the lemon zest finer. It seemed to rise to the top of the filling and make a layer a ‘zest’ which at certain bites was a bit overpowering. Second, I will have to share it within the first two days. After day 2 the crust begins to get mushy and they don’t taste as great as when they are fresh. Those are minor changes that you can incorporate when baking these up.



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