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Sushi Recipes for those wanting to save some money and have delicious sushi at home! I love sushi! Rainbow rolls, tempura rolls, dragon rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and of course the classic California roll. I love going out to sushi at some of my favorite sushi bars in the San Francisco Bay Area. But sometimes, I have made sushi at home with my husband. Although it is very time consuming the result is some delicious eats. Have you ever made sushi at home? What were the rolls you prepared and how did they turn out? Would you do it again?

Homemade Sushi


When we were living in Mexico, one of the biggest things DH and I have missed from Cali is Sushi. Fresh seafood sushi. Spicy Tuna Rolls. California Rolls. Shrimp Tempura Rolls. Dragon Rolls. Rainbow Rolls. And the list goes on. For awhile we were back in the states often enough to get a sushi fix that would last a couple of months. But then we had this dry spell for basically 9 months! 9 months of no Sushi, who could live?! We decided to just buckle down and prepare some homemade sushi.

Delicious Rating: Sushi is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Because I like walking in a sushi joint, ordering, and eating very soon, I didn’t enjoy the whole process of Sushi making. But we didn’t really have a choice. Everything was Delicious. We prepared spicy tuna, crab mix, shrimp tempura, and sashimi for a variety of rolls. My DH makes up some California Rolls a lot now, since those are the easiest to prepare. As for the rest of the rolls, I think I will wait until I am stateside again! But again, these Sushi Recipes are easy, delicious and great. So if you like to prepare Homemade Sushi, try out one of the following recipes.



Oakland’s Ta-Ke Sushi


Sushi is always one of, if not the first meal we have when we go home to visit in the Bay Area of California. The assortment of fresh fish on top of a California Roll to make the amazingly delicious Rainbow Roll…one of my favorite. Last time we were home there was sushi joint not too far from where we were staying, Ta-Ke Sushi right there on Grand Avenue on Lake Merritt.  I am not sure what was previously there but the place is a bit dark and has those old wooden booths, great for privacy but a bit odd at a sushi place. It was freezing so I ordered tea but not miso soup for me. I like to save any possible room in my stomach for the last few pieces of sushi. We were there on a recommendation hoping that it would give us our sushi fix for the next few days. Looks good right? Well, it was just plain sushi to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like simple clean flavors when it comes to sushi, not all that extra spicy mayo sauce and cream cheese stuff, and steak filled rolls this new generation calls sushi. But I think my sushi should taste super fresh, make my taste buds go OMGOODNESS! And leave me with a nice refreshed palate wanting more. This sushi was just ‘Eh’. Like the rice was not fresh, fish was okay but not super refreshing, and the tempura was cold…not my idea of a delicious sushi fix. My DH and I starting making sushi at home a couple of years ago when we live in Mexico. Check out the following for some easy sushi recipes.


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