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Stuffing or Dressing is a delicious side dish that accompanies Turkey, other poultry, or really any meat. Stuffing or Dressing consists of dried bread with onions, celery, and herbs. Dressing is cooked in its own baking dish while Stuffing is placed inside a turkey and baked. I grew up on dressing, not that boxed kind, all though I am a sucker for some stovetop stuffing! Homemade cornbread stuffing is what my dad would make as a side for turkey or ham. I loved it. Now that I am older I am trying new recipes but always going back to the original cornbread dressing!

Sausage & Apple Dressing or Stuffing


Let’s get this out of the way first. There is not a huge difference between Dressing & Stuffing, really it is just how you cook it. Dressing dresses the bird. It is baked in its own dish and dressing goes on the platter around the Turkey or is served in its own serving dish. Stuffing on the other hand stuffs the bird. It goes into the raw bird’s cavity and is baked inside of the bird. Yeah? Okay.

I have only ever made Cornbread Dressing. Same recipe each time with nothing too fancy. It is my tried and true recipe and is delicious. This time around I made a different type of dressing. It incorporates french bread, apples, and sage. Yummy! I love sage and the sweetness of the apple is so good on the palate. It is completely different than my Cornbread Dressing but in its own way good.

Delicious Rating: There are a couple of tweaks I will make to this easy recipe the next time I decide to cook it up. The flavor is incredible so the seasoning is on point. I would cut the bread up to even smaller pieces, maybe the size of croutons or smaller. The one major thing I didn’t like is that it isn’t as ‘together’ as Cornbread Dressing is. I like everything together on the fork, not falling apart at every chance. So I think that by making the bread smaller and using a couple of eggs as binders it will fix that! I’ll update it when I cook this recipe again.



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