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Hot & Spicy, no messing around here. If you can’t take the heat, these Spicy Recipes are not for you! But if you like the sweat and don’t mind a little burn then you need to definitely try some of these spicy recipes! Sometimes I like to add on the heat but keep my recipes to a level of non craziness. Add in extra peppers, curry, or whatever the spice is in the recipes to turn up the heat for yourself. Spice ranges in the actual spice used. So serranos may or may not be as hot as some curry powders depending on you and your palate.

Beer Battered Fish Tacos with a Spicy Cilantro Cream Sauce

With the exception of Restaurant Month last month I have been a little MIA. Not just from this blog but from the kitchen too. Once I stopped putting up recipes regularly it became a lot more difficult to even do so once in a while. I was in a funk and I am thinking I may be out of it…maybe. We just moved into a little cute apartment, closer to the water and closer to town. When I say ‘little cute’ I actually mean ‘super small, help! I can’t move around in the kitchen’ apartment. Alas! Life goes on and I gotta start cooking again sometime. Fish Tacos was the way to go and get up out of my dry cooking spell. I love fish tacos and when we lived in Mexico DH and I really got addicted to fish tacos at a little joint in our town. The fish was fresh and served in warm flour tortillas. We used to go there for lunch at least twice a week but since we moved to Costa Rica we haven’t had fish tacos at all. I think this recipe may become a regular weekly thing for us now.

Delicious Rating: Fish Tacos have never tasted so good! The beer batter is not that super thick kind that tastes mushy half way through biting it but rather it really coats the fish and fries up nicely and stays crispy too. I used Tilapia fillets and loved their flavor but you can use any firm white fish you prefer. The cream sauce…OMGoodness. Like seriously, it is pretty the bomb. I kept eating it by itself. It is spicy and has a great cilantro flavor and complements the fish very well. I used corn tortillas and they were great but next time I think I will stick to flour. Just personal preference.


Jalapeno Bacon Macaroni & Cheese

I am married with no kids. It is just us two, no parents, siblings, or crazed family members with nowhere to go. Just us. But yet I always, like no fail, always make a 9×13 baking dish of macaroni and cheese. I mean, way too much for two people. I am trying to figure out why I can’t use a smaller baking dish. I think it is my love for pasta. I always think I will need more. Then there is cheese…you can’t have enough of cheese, I mean come on! Butter needs no explanation and as for anything spicy or made with bacon, well, now I see why I can’t cut how much I bake nor eat!

In all seriousness though, I love macaroni and cheese. I get all excited about melty cheese. And this recipe has that melty cheese plus bacon with a kick of heat. YUM!

Delicious Rating: Once you go Jalapeno Bacon Macaroni and Cheese you never go back.  Each bite in this easy recipe leaves you wanting more. My DH and I loved it and nearly finished half the pan that night! You can control the spice with the amount of peppers you use and go crazy with the bacon if you want!


Samosa Pie

Potato Samosas are one of my favorite things at an Indian restaurant. I love the contrast of crunchy and soft, plus I don’t mind if it gets some of my curry on it! I love to sop up all that extra curry sauce with a samosa. I wanted to cook up a meal of samosas, so I decided on a Samosa pie. It is a perfect one dish meal or great in a spread with other Indian dishes. It is also a great Vegetarian easy recipe.

Delicious Rating: The flavors are wonderful in this Samosa Pie. You can really choose to mix and match what vegetables you like. I did a combination of potatoes, green beans, peas, and carrots. Next time I will lessen the amount of green beans, it got to be a bit much after the first slice. I will also make a great curry or vindaloo sauce to go with it. Let me know how you enjoy this recipe!


Spicy Korean Noodle Soup

Zero Carbs, Zero Calories, Zero Fat…sounds a little iffy right? Well, I am not talking about this easy recipe (although it is super healthy and full of great stuff), I am talking about the Konjac Shirataki noodles in the soup. Naturally I was skeptical when Gita over at Konjac Foods sent me some samples of their products.

The noodles boast the whole “Zero” thing and are said to be pretty good. I found that they will only really work in an Asian recipe. They didn’t just go well with Marinara or Alfredo sauce. They also smell funny when you open the package. Just rinse them a few times before using! Once rinsed they are ready to go and be eaten. The perfect recipe for the Konjac noodles is this Spicy Korean Noodle Soup.

Delicious Rating:  This soup is chock full of all kinds of yummy goodness. You have spicy that you can control to your palate level. Assorted veggies for color and healthiness. Lentils for depth of flavor and protein.  And Konja Shirataki noodles for the extra slurp down! I love this soup and the heat and Asian flavor it gives off. Try it and let me know what you think!


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