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Clams are a delicious seafood in a shell. They are commonly eaten raw, boiled, steamed, fried, or even baked. A little heat can easily open a clam shell if it is tightly shut. I love razor clams in clam chowder, a thick and chunky soup with clams as the star. If you aren’t a fan of chowder why not try a traditional clam cake, like a crab cake but used with clams instead. Clams are also popular in clam bakes served with a variety of other seafood, potatoes, corn, and steamed over seaweed. The clams are eaten with wedges of lemon and can be dipped in sauce like tartar. Fried clams is one of my favorite ways to eat clams. Check out the following easy clam recipes to get ideas on your next meal featuring clams!

Chunky Clam Chowder


Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of thick chunky clam chowder? Growing up in coastal towns really made me fall in love with clam chowder. The thick tender potatoes in a creamy clam soup base….yum! My DH loves clam chowder so I always try to cook up a nice pot on a windy day since we don’t get many cold days here in Costa Rica!

Delicious Rating: This easy recipe gets all the stars in my book. It is thick and chunky. The clams are abundant and the chowder base is creamy and not thin at all. I add bacon to just have bacon! And since when was bacon and seafood and potatoes a bad combination? This is by far my favorite and the best clam chowder recipe I have ever cooked up. Let me know what you think of it!



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