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The aroma of pesto makes my mouth water. Just right, a Pesto recipe is delicious on its own! How do you like pesto? Some use different herbs instead of basil, what about you? I love pesto served over pasta, it is such a wonderful combination. I also love pesto as a dipping sauce for breads, vegetables, and crackers too. Many love pesto as a spread on their sandwich for lunch. Others enjoy it as a base in soup or as sauce in a lasagna. What is your favorite way to eat pesto? Check out the following recipes where pesto is the star.

Pesto “Straw & Hay” Pasta


Paglia e Fieno or ‘Straw & Hay’ is so named because of the two types of pasta noodles used: regular linguine and spinach linguine. The color contrast resembles the difference between straw and hay. But the name isn’t that important to me. Any pasta is good but throw in some pesto…I may die. And Yay for Vegan Pasta Recipes, healthy and delicious.

Delicious Rating: This is an easy recipe and very light too. I couldn’t find spinach noodles but there were some light green ones, basil, and actually tasted wonderful with the pesto sauce. I also cannot find yellow squash here in Mexico so I just used 2 green summer squash and they worked out great. I made this for an early lunch and DH & I devoured it. I bought a jar of vegan pesto but you are more than welcome to make homemade pesto. This is a delicious meal even if all you have is some leftover pasta and pesto! I am bias though since I think pesto is delicious, what about you?



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