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Caramel is such a delicious sauce that can be used on almost anything…Or eaten by itself! Caramel Sauce Recipes are quick and easy to cook. Use Caramel sauce for popcorn, cheesecakes, cakes, sundaes, and any dessert you can think of. My homemade caramel popcorn really utilizes this sauce to its full potential. Warm popcorn coated with warm thick glazed caramel, what more could you ask for? I love to cook up a batch of caramel sauce for ice cream sundaes or to drizzle on pumpkin cheesecake. Try some homemade caramel sauce today and you won’t go back to buying the store bought stuff again!

Homemade Caramel Popcorn


Homemade Caramel Popcorn… Seriously?! Imagine the wonderful scent that fills your home when baking this delicious goodness. Yes, delicious goodness. What I am about to say is not an exaggeration: The day I ate this caramel popcorn became the best day of my life. Okay, maybe a little exaggeration but this stuff was sooo good! I highly recommend doubling this recipe because it is so addicting and goes fast during a movie!

Delicious Rating: Once the caramel sauce is done you have to move fast so that it doesn’t get to firm before coating the popcorn. It also needs to be watched and stirred while baking so as not to burn. I bought unsalted natural popcorn bags and heated them up in the microwave and it worked just fine. So as not to get caramel sauce all over I bought a disposable large roaster pan from the store. It works perfectly to fit all the popcorn and you can just throw it out when done, easy cleanup. I can’t get over how delicious this popcorn is. It is better than any store bought stuff and is great as a snack, dessert, appetizer or even a sweet gift to friends! This is a saved easy recipe in my book.



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