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Sandwiches have been around since people have packed a lunch. A staple to the lunch-bag, a sandwich is a staple of two pieces of bread filled with something. There is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the tuna fish sandwich, the versatile ham sandwich, and the much loved hot grilled cheese sandwich. Of course, there have been many variations on the ordinary sandwich. Our crab BLT is a delicious variation to the regular BLT. Or why not try out barbecued pulled seitan sandwich? If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you will definitely love that sandwich for a meat alternative.

BBQ Pulled Seitan Sandwich

 You read the title correctly. This is a recipe for Barbecued Pulled Seitan Sandwiches. No, not pulled pork, but pulled seitan. Can you really substitute meat? My DH would say no, although we have been eating seitan in different recipes for awhile now. But can you replace something like pulled pork? I mean come on…it is succulent pork we are talking about! Yes, we can…and it tastes just as delicious.
Delicious Rating: I think most wouldn’t know that this recipe had a meat substitute in it. Altogether, the sandwich comes together so well in this easy recipe. Browning and adding some crispy edges to the seitan really gives it the “meaty” touch. But with the BBQ sauce and coleslaw, I doubt you are really thinking about what you are eating, you are just thinking about eating it because it smells and taste delicious! What is your favorite Seitan recipe?




…On a french baguette…Seriously?! Okay, order in no way am I saying I am some bomb chef because I know I am very limited in the kitchen. However, recipe this sandwich, this delicious concoction that once inside your mouth makes time stand still, yes this Crab BLT was literally the best thing I have ever ate in my life, and I have eaten a lot of good food.

Here is the rundown: French baguette lightly toasted in 300 oven. Lump crab lightly mixed in mayo, mustard, and cracked pepper. 4 strips of bacon. Lettuce & Tomato. An easy recipe right?

Delicious Rating: No cooking skills required to make this absolutely Delicious Sandwich. Seriously, simply delicious is what it is rated!



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