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Coleslaw is a delicious salad which primarily contains shredded cabbage, red or green. It can contain a variety of other veggies or fruits, with all of them being tossed in a creamy sauce. Coleslaw is an easy and quick recipe to cook and follow. Allow it to chill for over at least an hour to reach its full potential of taste and flavor. Add in julienned carrots for some additional color and don’t forget the cracked pepper right before serving. I love to serve coleslaw to my friends and family as a side with Barbecue dishes or with a tuna sandwich!

Tangy and Sweet Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a great addition to a variety of meals. I love a good coleslaw that has an easy recipe and not overly creamy from mayonnaise. This is my go to recipe for coleslaw when I need and easy salad for a gathering or picnic. It is also a great recipe to go with barbecue. I cooked up this coleslaw to go with a some Kansas Pulled Pork Sandwich, a delicious combination!
Delicious Rating: Simple and delicious. With only five ingredients, this coleslaw is easy to make but packs a lot of flavor. The tangy comes from the vinegar and the sweet from the sugar. It is balanced and still creamy without being overloaded.

Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Who likes KFC’s coleslaw? Hands? I am not going to lie, I like it. And their mashed potatoes too but that is another food post.

Coleslaw is the perfect side dish for a BBQ. It also is great for pulled pork sandwiches…yum. It is a super easy recipe to cook up, making it quick and painless.

Delicious Rating: This Coleslaw recipe is delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it, literally, my DH had to pull me away from the bowl. He said it was totally KFC’s coleslaw but with red cabbage. It tasted similar but just a thousand times better. Let me know your favorite coleslaw recipe!


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