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Jordan’s Petra Sunset


It can be challenging at times to find a good place to eat while in a foreign country. Street food? Restaurants that are empty? Fortunate for us, there were many eateries lined up next to our hotel when we were staying in Petra, Jordan. We chose the ‘Petra Sunset’ one night for an early dinner. The customary tomatoes, yogurt, and tahini salad plate came out first with flat bread (below). Everything is very fresh and healthy. Above is the mix grill made up of lamb and chicken kabob and fries over a bed of salad. The flavors & spice were great for the kabob. It was a good choice off the menu and I still felt like I was eating local cuisine. There are a plenty of more Jordanian items to choose from so if you are ever in Petra give the Petra Sunset a try!



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