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Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Need a Restaurant idea to go out and eat to? Check out the following Restaurant Reviews. From a variety of foods, cuisines, and countries, these restaurant reviews won’t let you down. Plus, each review contains a Recipe to duplicate the restaurant meal at home! I have restaurants from San Francisco and its Bay Area, San Antonio, Costa Rica, Jordan, Mexico, and many many more places the world over. I love to eat out but I also love to cook. So replicating some of my favorite restaurant dishes is a balance for me to do!

KFC Original Recipe


You want to fry up some juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside chicken? This easy recipe for KFC’s Original Recipe will have you buying chicken in bulk, it is a great fried chicken recipe that you can make spicier to if you want some spicy fried chicken. I am not a big fried chicken fan but when I want some this is my go to fried chicken recipe. Give it a try and let me know what you think: CLICK HERE FOR THE KFC ORIGINAL RECIPE.


In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style


No, drug I did not eat all of these burgers…I mean I could have and certainly wanted to but I split the box with my DH and it was delicious. I love love love In-N-Out. It is usually one of our first stops off the plane when we go home for a visit. You see those thick slice of cheese? The Animal Style spread in between the juicy hamburger patties? You see it? You want to eat it? I know I do! But being 4, stomach 000 miles away can get a bit expensive to just go get a burger every time I want one. The next best solution is to cook one up myself and I think I have done a pretty good job, who can say that they had the best copycat In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style in Costa Rica?

Check out the Easy Recipe for the delicious In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style HERE!

And next time you make this recipe or go by my favorite fast food burger place, please channel my inner pig and eat an extra one for me!


The Cheesecake Factory’s Miso Salmon


One of my favorite dishes at The Cheesecake Factory is the Miso Salmon. It is light, the fish is perfectly cooked, and you think you are eating something healthy from The Cheesecake Factory…think again! Nothing from that restaurant is very healthy but everything is delicious and really, isn’t that all that matters?

Every time we are visiting home The Cheesecake Factory is a must on our restaurant list. I always try to order something different on their huge menu or get my usual (cobb salad with blue cheese) and something else to take home. Well, this one time I tried the Miso Salmon. Yum! The salmon just falls apart at the touch of your fork and melts in your mouth. The miso glaze is sweet and yet perfectly balanced with umami that you just want that glaze and a spoon. The salmon sits on top a bed of jasmine rice and garnished with a few snow peas. A great dinner with a few more veggies or a light lunch that is easy to pack up for work and heat at the office. This easy recipe really duplicates the meal spot on, you will absolutely love it!

I used a ginger and garlic paste but if you use minced or chopped, just run the glaze through a food processor or blender once finished. Also, look for miso, soybean paste, in your grocer Asian aisle or at an Asian grocery store. I used 4 salmon fillets, about 6 ounces each and 1 inch thick.



Restaurant Month-March 2013


My favorite time of year is here again! It is amazing how fast a year goes by. DH & I have had some pretty good food over the last year so get ready for some small review and delicious copycat recipes. This month will feature: The Cheesecake Factory’s Salmon Miso, Costa Rican Fish & Chips, In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style, and KFC Original Recipe. So get ready for some delicious, mouthwatering, easy recipes coming your way.


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