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Beef Stroganoff originates from Russia, with lean slices of beef served in a creamy sauce. Today many variations exist of this recipe, some with pasta, rice, or potatoes. Does the hamburger helper stroganoff come close to anything homemade? Of course not! Use egg noodles or even leftover spaghetti noodles for a delicious stroganoff recipe. It may sound fancy and complicated but our easy photo guide is here to help. Try out our Beef Stroganoff recipes and let me know what you think! I love constructive criticism, it is just going to help me be a better chef and give you more delicious recipes to cook up at home!

Beef Stroganoff (from leftovers)


Some dinners leave me with separate foods, generic leftovers, that when put thoughtfully together can make another meal. I usually boil up a whole pack of pasta at once and save the remaining cooked pasta in the fridge for another day. I fried up some ground beef for tostadas the other night and decided to cook some sort of dish with the both of them.
Beef Stroganoff. Yes, my noodles are not flat egg noodles but you have to work with what you have!

Delicious Rating: Easy recipe, especially if half the meal is already cooked! The sauce is creamy and I really enjoyed it. Next time I will use flat egg noodles, they will do better with the sauce. Overall, it was a quick and easy meal that I will repeat again.



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