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Spaghetti is such a simple meal but oh so delicious! Add in a homemade marinara sauce…no words, no words. This has to be my favorite dish in the world, spaghetti and marinara sauce. It is my go to meal when I feel like lazing out on the couch! But sometimes I use spaghetti noodles in Asian dishes or for a quick leftover meal! I love to boil noodles and refrigerate them in a ziploc or lid container. Then I can just reheat them in a simple sauce, whether it be Italian or Asian, or thrown into some type of soup.

Spaghetti Marinara


I love pasta and I love spaghetti. Correction. I love my spaghetti. Not to sound spaghetti snobbish but I am just really picky when it comes to spaghetti and types of sauce. I am not a fan of that jar stuff (although I really used to be) and I don’t like a sauce that is way too complicated and overdone with spices and ingredients. I love a simple marinara sauce on my spaghetti. This has got to be the best Spaghetti Marinara ever, truly, seriously, for reals!

Delicious Rating: This is a super Easy Spaghetti Marinara Recipe. Absolutely Delicious. It is a vegan and vegetarian recipe, super healthy but packed full of flavor. It is a thick sauce, not runny or watery at all. Let me know your favorite Marinara Recipe so I can compare!



Szechuan Peanut Pasta


A Pasta that can be served at room temperature is known as a Pasta Salad. They are great for picnics or barbecues. If you are a working mom, pasta salads are great to make ahead of a busy day and serve for dinner. I made this on a very hot day and it worked out great to eat out on the patio. If you like peanut butter then this recipe is definitely for you. The heat is kicked up with red pepper flakes so if that isn’t for you, please omit! What is great is that this can be served for all your vegetarian or vegan friends and it is delicious even for carnivores. Yay for Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes!

This recipe comes from “The Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cookbook.” My Dad gave me this cookbook after I got married. It has become my favorite of the few cookbooks that I own. Every recipe that I want to cook has been dog-eared or bookmarked with a post-it. Others that I have cooked have notes and food stains all over! So this Szechuan Peanut Pasta is one of my “Bookmarked Recipes” and perfect for the challenge of the same name hosted by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes and Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments is the Challenge founder!

It is also going to be sent into Anamika at the “Taste Junction” for her event “Drive Me Nuts”! This is my 3rd & 4th food blog event! Yay!

Delicious Rating: A very simple and easy dinner this is. You can use leftover pasta as well to use it up. The sauce is delicious! It is creamy, spicy, and salty all together. Don’t overcook the snow peas. The crunch gives such great texture to the pasta and sauce. As it sits the sauce does get a bit too creamy. If this happens to you add 1/4 cup of pasta water or any hot water and stir. The sauce will loosen up and it will be easy to serve. I really liked this pasta salad. I plan on making this easy recipe again in the future.



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