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Meatloaf…what the heck is that?! I was always scared to try this loaf of meat growing up. I mean seriously, a loaf of meat? Doesn’t sound to appealing, right? Now, I can’t get enough of it! People the world over make a variety of meatloaf with a combination of meats or just one, like beef. Some add in cornflakes, oatmeal, a lot of vegetables or none at all. Serving up a moist meatloaf is a success! Eat with some great sides for a delicious meal. My meatloaf recipes have been tried and tested and ranks among the top. Let me know what you think!


 What is your favorite Meatloaf Recipe? There are so many types of meatloaf, so many ways to prepare and cook it. I just started getting into meatloaf this past year. It was never cooked growing up at home and I always shied away from it at gatherings, the cornflakes scared me off! But now I am quite enjoying this loaf of meat thing. It is a super easy meal, provided you have some quick sides.

Delicious Rating: This recipe is super easy to prepare. Just mix together all the ingredients with your hands, place in a loaf pan, and voila! Meatloaf is created. I love that this was super moist and so flavorful from the three meats, spinach, spices & herbs. You can make the mixture ahead of time and freeze in a throwaway loaf pan and bake at a future time. I don’t have a lot of ideas for meatloaf, how do you usually prepare it? What do you serve it with?


Mini Meatloaf

“What the heck is Meatloaf?!” That question has plagued the majority of my life. Because I never found a satisfying answer I never tried Meatloaf on the numerous occasions that it was offered to me. I guess it is the idea of a huge loaf of meat…with cornflakes on it. It doesn’t sound appealing. Recently I came across a Food Network recipe that featured Mini Meatloaves cooked in a skillet. Okay, a mini loaf of meat doesn’t seem as bad. So I went to the store and got what I needed and the results were great, absolutely delicious. Now, do I like Meatloaf? Only if it is a mini one!

Delicious Rating: Easy preparation went into this easy recipe. If you don’t mind the feel of raw meat in your hands, it will be no problem. I only used ground beef for this recipe. Some may like to use ground pork, veal, turkey, or mix them all up together for a combination of flavors. I was really surprised at how good it was. Flavorful and juicy, all the while satisfying any meat craving you may have. One change I would make is to saute the onions beforehand so they are fully cooked & soften before added to the meat. I made some Buttered Parsley Potatoes and Cornbread to go along with the Mini Meatloaves and it created a great warm meal.


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