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Whether you use fresh or dried Rosemary leaves, our Rosemary Recipes are sure to be a hit in your home. Rosemary is often used in Mediterranean cuisine but is delicious in a wide variety of food. This aromatic herb is the way to go to give a wonderful flavor to dishes. Try growing fresh rosemary in the yard or in a small flower pot. You will be surprised at how easy it can grow and be maintained. Plus, you can have fresh rosemary available to you year around which is definitely a plus if you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs.

Vegan Rosemary Bread


Fresh Baked Bread has no rival. I mean, who could stand against the inviting aroma and the warm softness that is bread?

And then there is the whole “Bread & Butter” concept. What about the vegans?! For all you vegans out there or those staying away from the dairy here is a great Vegan Bread Recipe that is seriously Delicious!

This vegan Rosemary Bread is aromatic, moist, and perfect with an Oil & Vinegar dipping sauce. Serve it with your favorite Italian dish or with my Vegan Penne & Artichoke Hearts Recipe.


Delicious Rating: Delicious. This easy recipe for bread isn’t dry and has a good crumb to it. For some reason that I am not sure of my loaves never browned. Although I brushed some with Olive oil, they never fully browned like I was expecting. Maybe to brown it needs egg or butter brush? Regardless, the bread tastes amazing. It is best eaten the same day I think, although it did keep well overnight I prefer it fresh out of the oven ;-).



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