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Couscous is traditionally served with a meat or a vegetable stew. I like to use Couscous in a variety dishes and as a side to any meal. Couscous is also a great stand alone dish which can be cooked with different vegetables to make it a delicious Couscous Recipe. Try adding in sun dried tomatoes or chives for some color and depth of flavor. Add in some garlic for an aromatic meal for dinner tonight. Couscous is great because it can cook up in 5 minutes, so it really lives up to the quick and easy hype! Try one of the following couscous recipes.

Moroccan Couscous & Pan-Fried Fish


Couscous is a great alternative to the usual side of rice that you may have with dinner. It is light and such an easy recipe to make with most store bought packages cooking in 5-minutes. Since it is so light, I love to pair it with Fish or an array of vegetables. Couscous can be served plain, seasoned, or even with added goodies combined inside like this Moroccan Couscous recipe. I added green onion and sun-dried tomatoes to create a mild onion flavor and a rich smokiness from the tomatoes. Of course, the red & green aren’t bad to color up the couscous.

Delicious Rating: Making the Couscous is a very easy job. Even pan frying fish isn’t on the level of a ‘Master Chef’. This dish is simple and quick to cook up for dinner, either for a couple or a family. You can dress it up with a side of steamed vegetables too. I found it to be very refreshing and delicious. I definitely will make this Moroccan Couscous again!



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