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Whenever I buy Raspberries I just have to smell them to know if they are sweet. If they are fragrant and smell of delicious raspberriness, then they are good to go. I end up eating the whole pack before they dry off from being rinsed. The sweet and sometimes tart flavor is so addicting and delicious, a perfect fruit snack. Pairing raspberries with my favorite fruit, lemon, is the perfect combination and they both meld together so perfectly. I also love a raspberry sauce with a rich decadent slice of chocolate cake. I am sure you will enjoy my Raspberry Recipes.

Lemon Raspberry Bread & Lemon Glaze


Lemon. Raspberry. The ultimate bread couple. Add some lemon glaze and Watch Out! Deliciousness is on the way!

I made this easy recipe for bread when we were going out of town for a few days. I always make some type of bread for road-trips and hotel stays. The bread stayed great wrapped and was the perfect snack throughout the day.

Delicious Rating: Although the bread tasted good it fell apart to easily. Also, all the raspberries sunk to the bottom while baking. I didn’t like that the bottom was basically berries. Of course the lemon glaze was delicious. Overall, I wouldn’t make this bread again. The flavor is there but in the end I have had better lemon bread that I will make next time.



Lemon Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies


A buttery shortbread can do no wrong. Crisp yet soft, firm yet crumbly & flaky. I baked about 4 dozen of these and they were gone by nightfall, very addicting! Thumbprint cookies get there name from the fact that you use your thumb to make an indentation in the cookie dough that is filled with a jam. There is a variety of flavors & combinations you can choose from for Thumbprint cookies. Whatever you like, you bake! I chose Lemon & Raspberry…two of my favorites together again!

Delicious Rating: I rated it ‘Home Cook’ skills because you are dealing with delicate ingredients and if not measured, mixed, and baked correctly, the cookie can be ruined. First time around for me, they began to flatten and crack. This isn’t as easy recipe as other cookie recipes are. If you add to much jam it will run over, creating ugly cookies. So take your time with this recipe, you may have to try it a couple of times to really get the perfect Thumbprint Cookie. They turned out Delicious. The lemon is not overpowering at all. The amount of jam was just right for the cookie and everything blends together when you take a bite very nicely. The second batch I baked a little longer to get a more crispy cookie. I preferred them that way. Although crispy, they were still soft, buttery, & flaky. My DH liked the softer ones so it is really your own preference. I will definitely make these again. I may add more lemon juice because I like a more stronger lemon taste. But overall a delicious cookie!



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