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Raisins are dried grape and are used in a variety of foods. I love them first and foremost in my oatmeal! They re-hydrate when cooking to create a nice plump little sweet fruit. Raisins are also perfect in Oatmeal cookies! I love to add them to breads and also I chop them and add them to some savory pasta recipes for a wonderful taste and flavor. They are the sweet you need in trail mix and the perfect snack when you have low blood sugar! They are an essential pantry ingredient in my house. The following recipes utilizes these delicious little fruits!

Oatmeal Raisin Bars


I love to try new desserts. Sometimes we are invited over to a friend’s house and I have to come up with something quick and hopefully good to make. I love to bake desserts for other people. They seem to think that it must have taken hours to cook just because it was baked! Even for the most simplest dessert. This recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Bars is no exception. All the ingredients are always stocked in my pantry and cooking/baking them up was a snap. But because they turn out so delicious, friends cannot believe that they are so simple to make.

They are super addicting too so be careful!

Delicious Rating: This is the perfect easy recipe for when you don’t have time to go to the store but need a dessert asap. Most everything is kept in the pantry anyways so there is no need to buy anything. These bars are delicious and super easy to cook. I didn’t know how the peach would taste but it was a wonderful addition. Feel free to switch it up with perhaps apricot. Use vegan margarine to make this dessert recipe completely vegan friendly.


Lemon Carrot Raisin Bread w/Lemon Glaze


There is nothing better than a warm bread with lemon glaze. This recipe combines some great flavors: lemon, raisins, and sweetness of the carrot. It is semi-healthy…maybe, but delicious none-the-less. I usually have to make two batches of glaze because I eat the first one while waiting for the bread to cool.

Delicious Rating: This is an easy recipe to make ahead for breakfast or a day’s snack. The bread stays together quite nicely and the carrots, raisins, and pecans are a nice addition. You can add walnuts if you would rather have that instead of pecans. Soak the raisins in some liquor for a little grown up flavor!


Vegan Flax Carrot Raisin Muffins w/Lemon Glaze


Vegan Flax Carrot Raisin Muffins w/Lemon Glaze…that is a mouthful! Every now and then I like to incorporate a healthy dessert  into my cooking. These muffins tasted a little too healthy to be called dessert so they became breakfast! Although they did have a healthy taste they were utterly delicious. I had on hand some pre-cut carrots and lemons so I gathered up some basics ingredients to whip up these Carrot Raisin Muffins with a lemon glaze. I ate almost half the Lemon glaze with a spoon out of the bowl! Oh, recipe but the best part about these Muffins are that they are Vegan! Yay for Vegan Recipes!

Delicious Rating: Any Home Cook will be comfortable baking up a batch of these Muffins. This Carrot Raisin Muffin easy recipe can interchange the main veggie with zucchini or anything you like. They come out so delicious. I preferred them better warm while the Lemon Glaze would ooze down the sides. You can bake this recipe as a bread loaf as well and freeze an extra for future eating. I will definitely keep this recipe on for future breakfast muffins.



Apple & Raisin Coffee Braid


Bread filled with apple & raisin goodness?! A warm bread with a sweet fruit center is a delicious snack anytime of the day. I made this yeast bread as an alternative to my sweet sweets. It seems a bit more healthy than a cake, right? Living in a high altitude I had to do some adjusting so that the bread doesn’t dry out when baking but it turned out very nice. My DH loved it.

Delicious Rating: ‘Home Cook’ for level of cooking. I might have to adjust it to ‘Master Chef’ though. If you have experience with yeast and bread dough than this will be very an easy recipe for you to cook up. However, if you a new and this may be your first bread recipe it may take a couple of times for the bread to turn out just right. Proofing yeast and kneading the dough to the right elasticity takes a bit of experience. When I first made cinnamon rolls years ago, I tried making them everyday. I think we feasted on rolls for at least 2 weeks before I got it right!

The bread itself is very good. The glaze adds a nice sweetness to it and the apple center really goes good with the bread. Next time I will add some cardamom to flavor the actually bread as it was missing a little something for me. Please try this recipe. It is a great coffee bread. I will definitely bake it again and serve for friends with tea or coffee.



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