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Limes are a popular citrus fruit that is a smaller round fruit colored green and turn yellow with time. Limes are typically used when green. The skin is used for zest while the pulp is sour and acidic, used for the juice often times. Lime is common in Mexican, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine. Dried limes are used in Middle Eastern cuisine to flavor the food. In India, pickled limes are very common being sweet or salted. The leaves of a lime tree are used to flavor tea which can be delicious. Slices of lime are also perfect with a shot of tequila!

Refreshing Lime Cooler Cookies


If lemons and limes were in a competition against each other, I would choose lemons every time, they are the clear winner especially when it comes to dessert. However, I don’t get lemons very often if at all here in Costa Rica so the next best thing are limes. You cannot simply exchange lemons for limes so I wanted to create a recipe that really showed off limes potential. These cookies are perfect for doing just that. This is an easy cookie recipe to bake up and limes really shine but don’t overwhelm.

Delicious Rating: Light and chewy and extremely addicting! These are some delicious cookies. The lime is there and since it is paired with nutmeg and cinnamon, it is distinct but is perfect with the spices. All three tastes meld together rather than trying to over take one another. The cookie is really refreshing on a hot day, a cooler cookie. I really enjoyed these and am thinking of making them when I need an acidic fruit dessert fix!



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