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Update: Luscious Lemon Bread or Cake


The first time I tried this bread, it became my favorite lemon cake. I would eat it for breakfast, during snack time, and with vanilla ice cream at night. I couldn’t get enough of it. When we lived in Mexico, lemons weren’t available that often so there would sometimes be months without this delicious bread.

Rating: My Luscious Lemon Bread or Cake recipe is an easy recipe for any home cook and delicious in all ways. The glaze…oh lord, the glaze! I wanted to update the Recipe though. Every time before I would use 2 loaf pans and they would come out with a ‘bread top’, overflowing and a lot of deep cracks. I didn’t really mind it though. But then I started baking them for friends and my presentation needed to be a bit nicer. So I used 3 loaf pans and it sure did do the trick. Perfect Lemon Bread loaves came out, nice and even too! So if you are going to bake up this Luscious Lemon Bread or cake please use 3 loaf pans!

To view the Full Recipe and Photo Guide click Luscious Lemon Bread or Cake


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