Premier! Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts!


Life without Desserts is no life at all! Desserts create smiles, laughter, and sweet aromas that fill the house with deliciousness. Since I am the ultimate Dessert Lover, I am proud to present the Monthly Food Blog Event & Giveaway, “Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts!” This is Cook.Eat.Delicious’ first event, so it is appropriate that the theme is my favorite Dessert ingredient…Lemons!


The event runs from August 1st – 31st.
The Winner of this month’s Giveaway will be chosen at random.
Round-up & Winner announcement will be posted on September 5th.

Here are the RULES:
1. Cook up any dessert your heart desires, with LEMON being the star.
2. Link back to this announcement  in your blog post. (Use of logo is optional but appreciated)
3. New entries are preferred, with archived ones being re-posted.
4. Multiple entries accepted with only one going towards the Giveaway.
5. Non-bloggers are welcome to send in their entry. Please attach a photo & full recipe.
6. Post a comment in this post after emailing me!

Please email your submission by August 31st, 2011 to CookEatDelicious (at) gmail (dot) com with “CEDD 1” in the subject line and the following information:
Your Name:
Your Location:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
1 Dessert Photo

“Luscious Lemon Desserts” by Lori Longbotham.

This cookbook is essential for any lemon lover. It shows off how versatile the lemon is with recipes ranging from cookies & pies to puddings & drinks.

You will be sure to have a Delicious Dessert, with Lemon being the star!

Looking forward to your Delicious Lemon Dessert Recipes!

If you are interested in hosting future monthly “Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts!” events, please email me!



  1. I have some lemon-rosemary shortbread dough chilling in the refrigerator for you! You should get an email from me in a day or two or three. Good luck with your event!

  2. I just started a food blog, and for now it’s set to ‘private’, but I’m thinking of joining events to get to know other food bloggers. I happened to make something with lemon last week, but could I maybe email you an invitation to read my blog first and know what you think? 🙂

      1. I’ve sent you an invitation through your email. I’m afraid the only photo I have of the pie isn’t very good, but the recipe certainly is 🙂 Thanks!

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