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I love Tuna. Whether it is raw on my sushi, a grilled tuna steak, or out of the can…I can’t get enough of this wonderful fish. Tuna Fish is flaky and full of flavor. Some find it to be bland and plain but I truly enjoy it. When tuna is sliced raw on a rainbow roll…it is by far the best piece of sushi in that roll! I also love spicy tuna, which is just thinly diced tuna with some spicy sriracha sauce mixed together. If you are looking for ideas on cooking Tuna, check out the following Recipes.

Berkeley’s Skates on the Bay – Tuna Cakes


Crab Cakes are a must on any Bay Area restaurant’s menu. What makes the perfect Crab Cake? Crisp and flaky on the outside, not soft & soggy. It shouldn’t be a ‘heavy’ dish but rather light and refreshing almost. The flavors should be bold yet distinct and the crab should stand out in the forefront. Whatever sauce is served along side of it should not be overwhelming but complement the cakes. The Washington Dungeness Crab Cake at Skates on the Bay in Berkeley is crisp, light, and while enjoyable isn’t the best. The infusion of Asian flavors didn’t quite meld right. The butter sauce was smooth yet had something tangy in it to match the Asian spice. The panko crust was nice and crisp and the dish was light overall but the flavors dropped the ball.

Finding fresh lump crab can be a challenge when living in middle Mexico so I decided to try a Tuna Cake. Tell me what you think and if you made any adjustments to this easy recipe.



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