Cruise Food, Glorious Cruise Food


I love sushi. I love when a Japanese guy makes my sushi. I love when there is a crab mix in the roll and not just a stick of imitation crab. I love sushi. So I was highly surprised when the Sushi restaurant, Izumi’s, on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, served up some good sushi. Now believe me, I have eaten really good sushi and I have eaten really bad sushi. Scale of 1-10, this sushi was a 7.4, that is saying a lot for cruise ship sushi!

We had a lot of other good food as well on our cruise this past week. Oasis of the Seas has 24 different dining venues, each with such a large selection. I wanted to try them all and a lot of places I liked I either didn’t have time to eat there again or did eat there again but miserably full! Over the next couple of weeks I will share specific meals we had and I will personally try to recreate them here at home…hopefully try to recreate them here at home. So for now enjoy my photos of all the delicious food we ate HERE on flickr.


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