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Imagine sitting on a Caribbean Beach with freshly prepared food in front of you. The aroma of spices, the depth of flavor…Caribbean Food is that cuisine. I love to order a whole fried fish accompanied with rice & beans. Don’t forget the fried plantain! Meat patties, stewed meat, boiled roots, this list goes on and on of the different meals available in the Caribbean. So next time you are on the Caribbean beach make sure to eat you something the locals are dining on, you won’t regret it. Can’t get to the Beach? Make the following recipes at home now!

Costa Rican Fish & Chips


Sitting on the beach, relaxing to the sound of the waves crashing on shore, and eating, eating very well. That was our delightful experience in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We ate at a beach front restaurant called Lola’s. It offers fresh seafood and simple dishes full of flavor. Fresh fish on the beach is always a great experience and this was no exception. The fish is Tilapia and was moist and flavorful with a delicious crispy batter that it was fried in. It came with a side of coleslaw and fries or ‘chips’. The fish is definitely the star of the show. Full of Costa Rican flavors, the batter stays crispy not getting soggy at all. Check out the easy recipe for this Costa Rican fish after the jump!



Caribbean Rice & Beans


 I have said before that I love Caribbean food, especially food from the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Something about plantains, stewed meat, and rice & beans…you have to eat it to really know! Thankfully you don’t have to travel far, only to your local grocery store and into your kitchen. We have tried so many different versions of Rice & Beans. Some are dry, some do not use coconut milk, others have super mushy beans. This was my first time making Rice & Beans. I wanted to get the flavor profile right without adding too much or too little of something.

My DH said that these were by far the best Rice & Beans he has ever eaten. I thought he was just being overly kind until he finished the pot…

Delicious Rating: I usually do all my prep with a good ol’ fashion chef’s knife but you can save some time by using a food processor. I thought that this easy recipe was good, not my all time favorite. I found it to be a bit wet for my taste. I don’t want dry Rice & Beans but not moist either. Although my DH says they are the best we have ever eaten something was missing for me. I could really have been the meal profile. I only made rice & beans, when usually they are served with some meat and plantains, so that may have been missing for me. Otherwise, please try out this recipe and let me know what you think of it. I love the bell peppers adding color to it. I will definitely make these again with an adjustment on the coconut milk: adding more water and less milk.



Puerto Limon’s Roxy’s – Fried Chicken and Rice & Beans


Hands down the best fried chicken I have ever eaten was in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. OMGoodness! Crunchy, juicy, and finger licking good. No wonder people in the Caribbean are so happy, they have some of the best food! In the downtown of Puerto Limon there is a little restaurant called Roxy’s. Serving typical Caribbean cuisine, the locals form a long line outside to get in for lunch. That is what attracted us. Out of many options, I chose the fried chicken, rice & beans, fried plantain, and a cool Fresca. About $7 bucks for the plate and well worth every bite.

Besides it being the best fried chicken, the rice & beans also are noteworthy. Not dry or over cooked. Neither was the coconut overwhelming. A perfect accompaniment to the chicken. Although I cannot master the exact dish, here are some pretty good easy recipes to follow:



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