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Burritos have been around in Mexican restaurants for as long as I have been eating Mexican food. Switch up the usually Beef and Bean for a veggie stir fry. Burritos are great for Breakfast, lunch to-go, and even to stuff with seafood! Use flour tortillas for burritos instead of corn or go whole wheat for some added healthiness! Leave out the cheese and sour cream if you are lactose intolerant and add in some extra jalapenos if you like the spice. Either way you wrap it up, burritos are a great meal on the go or at home. Try the following Burrito Recipes today.

Richmond’s Portumex – Burrito Mojado


Crunchy tacos, flautas, tortas, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, y mucho mas! Yes, it is very deep on 23rd Street in Richmond and you may see men riding horses down the street and a lot of cop cars but the food is well worth it. I always opt for the Crunchy Steak Tacos w/guacamole. Yum! The food is always hot, spiced & seasoned just right. I don’t mind eating there if it isn’t super packed. While you wait you can enjoy their chips and hot salsa.

Although I live in Mexico I crave Portumex. Here in Cuernavaca the food is completely different from Mexican food in the States. So whenever we are back in the Bay, Portumex is one of our first stops. My DH loves the Burrito Mojado (wet burrito).

The whole burrito is the size of a small new born baby! The flour tortilla is packed full of rice, beans, sauteed veggies, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and your choice of chicken or beef. It is covered with hot enchilada sauce and more cheese. I am getting hungry just thinking about it. It is truly one of the stars at Portumex. Since we can’t find a burrito place anywhere in town here, DH has taken it upon himself to create a truly great masterpiece at home. His Burrito Mojado is a quick, simple, and easy recipe that you won’t be able to get enough of. Try it and comment on what you thought of it.



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