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Pretzels are a delicious snack. Whether you make a soft bread pretzel or enjoy a hard crunchy pretzel stick, both are enjoyable and easy to cook at home! Mall pretzels are always a hit but so expensive and sometimes you are not sure how long they have been sitting there. That is why I love to make them at home. Also, crispy pretzels are perfect on their own but add in some peanut butter & chocolate…a more than perfect sweet snack! Some like pretzels with mustard others like them sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, which do you prefer? The savory or the sweet?

Homemade Soft Mall Pretzels


Mall Pretzels. You smell them as soon as you enter the mall. You don’t really plan on buying one, I mean you just ate lunch. But the aroma! It gets stronger and stronger as you casually window shop. All you can think of is getting your hands on one of those freshly baked pretzels…Imagine if you could have that same aroma at home. I made these pretzels for some friends from Jersey. They say that one of things they miss most about living in the states is Mall Pretzels. So I made these for a road trip to Morelia. They are vegan and turned out delicious. It was hard to share them!

Delicious Rating: This recipe is a yeast dough recipe, so if it isn’t your first time making a yeast dough I am sure you will be fine! The dough is gorgeous when you knead it, feels fantastic. The pretzels turn out so soft and ‘buttery’. My DH seriously thought I put butter in this easy recipe because they taste of butter. Nope, I am not sure what it is but these vegan bad boys are better than any Mall Pretzel I have ever had.



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