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Cornbread is a soul food side that is delicious. Cornbread recipes have you bake, fry, or steam the batter. Have you ever eaten a cornbread hush-puppy? You haven’t lived until you do! Eat with a side of greens and a nice thick slice of Honey Ham…you have got a good thing going for you now! Many add in corn kernels or creamed corn for texture in the bread. Others add jalapenos for some spice. What is your cornbread secret? I love them all, as long as it is cornbread. Cornbread is the perfect accompaniment to any dish including the following:

Hearty Beans & Cornbread



I use to highly dislike the times when my dad would make beans and cornbread for dinner. “Beans again?!” It seemed that it was a weekly meal with leftovers stretching into the next few days. But once I left home I found myself craving the one meal I had so despised. Although I do not make them every week, I do try to get a good bean fix about every month.

A bag of pinto beans runs for around one dollar, making it not only a cheap meal, but a very easy recipe to cook. Pinto beans are also very low in fat and high in fiber & protein. Bake a pan of cornbread and voila! A hearty meal to feed a village.

You can add ham hocks, bacon, or any other type of meat you like to the beans before cooking. Because of the long cooking time these work great to start in the morning and they will be finished by dinner or cook overnight. I use a 4qt crock pot but a large pot will do the job as well.

Delicious Rating: Like I said, easy to make, a basic no-brainer with the crock pot. Turned out good and would definitely (and have) cook them again!



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