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Warm Biscuits fresh out of the oven…what more could you ask for? Biscuits for breakfast are wonderful topped with butter and jam. I also love a good flaky biscuit with fried chicken topped with honey. When winter rolls around, I make a vegetable casserole and top with biscuit dough and bake…so good! Delicious Biscuits can be quick and easy to make with the right recipe. Even on its own, biscuits are a wonderful treat. What is your favorite biscuit recipe to cook up? Use biscuits in a variety of the following recipes to make yummy meals for any meal of the day.

Vegetable Biscuit Cobbler


Warm one-dish-meals are perfect for a busy winter day. Like a pot-pie, a vegetable cobbler creates a warm comfort food. I love biscuits and I love veggies, so why not put them together with a decadent sauce…and eat on the couch…

This is a vegetarian dish. You can make it vegan by swapping out the butter with vegan margarine. I used seitan and it was a great addition but not needed. If you want meat meat, please feel free to add it in. Just want the veggies? It will taste delicious as well!

Delicious Rating: Delicious, Delicious, Delicious. I will definitely make this a lot more in the future. No changes necessary for me. The vegetables stand out on their own and meld deliciously in the creamy sauce. The biscuit is divine. Crunchy crust with a soft warm inside…My mouth is seriously salivating writing this. This easy recipe has a lot of steps but is worth the wait.



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