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Bread is a home staple. Whether it is Wheat or Rye, Pumpkin or Banana, Breads fill the home with yummy deliciousness fresh out of the oven. Homemade bread is way better than any store bought stuff. Some feel that you need a bread machine to make bread. You don’t! Just some good wrists to knead up the dough! With such a variety of ingredients available today, bread recipes are endless. Sweet or savory, we have an easy bread recipe for you. Email me with suggestions that I can try and post here. Check out the following Bread Recipes for all your cooking needs.

Banana Bread with Cashews & Navitas Naturals Review

Navitas Banana Bread with Cashews (1)A couple of times a month I bake up mini bread loaves for some of my older friends. They may be widowed, divorced, or living the single life but all these women love baked goods. This week I baked up some cute little Banana breads. This easy recipe is my go to banana bread recipe. Whenever I have a bunch of bananas I didn’t get a chance to eat, I know where they are headed, straight to a bread mixing bowl! This banana bread recipe is special because I used some products from Navitas Naturals. They have a large array of organic superfoods that are great to add in and/or replace other ingredients in almost every recipe you may cook up. The great people over at Navitas Naturals sent me some of their products and I absolutely loved them. For this recipe I used the Coconut Palm Sugar in replace of white granulated sugar. I also topped the bread with Superfood+ Maca Cashews.

Navitas Coconut Sugar Navitas Superfood Cashews Delicious Rating: The Coconut Palm Sugar is absolutely amazing. It is a great replacement for cane sugar and brings another layer of flavor to whatever it is your cooking. In this case, the banana bread was not overly sweet but had a caramel overtone, almost like molasses. It is low-glycemic, so a perfect choice for those needing  to eat from a low-glycemic index. I topped the breads with chopped Maca Cashews. The cashews have a touch of maple syrup on them that give them a slight sweetness. It is the perfect combination! The bread is soft and moist, full of flavor. The cashews add texture and a creaminess that is a great complement to the bananas. Check out the other great products over at Navitas Naturals for some recipe ideas!  FOR RECIPE & PHOTO GUIDE CLICK → → RECIPE & PHOTO GUIDE

Banana Muffins

Banana MuffinsBreakfast is my lazy meal. I don’t feel like cooking anything in the morning and I am most likely running out the door anyways, so who has time for stacks of pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit salad, and all that good stuff that I would love to eat instead of a handful of grapes? The only solution I have found are muffins. Fresh muffins, baked up on a Sunday afternoon, ready for the week. Just pop one of the mellow muffins into the microwave for a good 10 seconds and bam! You have a warm ready to go breakfast, with the handful of grapes. The easiest muffin recipe I know is for Banana Muffins. One bowl and a spatula is all you need to prepare the batter and then bake in a muffin tin. Just wait until some overly ripe bananas fall into your lap and you are good to go. Overly ripe bananas are best to use over unripe, or ripe bananas because the banana flavor is much more pronounced and the mushy gushy banana lends to a moister muffin. (Moister is a weird word if you keep saying it over & over)

Delicious Rating: Yummy yummy in my tummy. Moist, doesn’t fall apart on you, filling breakfast, and just delicious. I love how you can individually wrap them in saran or foil and freeze them. Pop them out and let the muffin come to room temp in about 5 minutes and heat up in the microwave. They taste like they came fresh out of the oven. Easy recipe, perfect for breakfast.
Banana Muffins_011


Soft & Crusty Bread

This may look like some ordinary bread that has been overly dusted with flour but let me tell you it is extraordinary bread that has been overly dusted with flour. I have baked up homemade bread quite a few times but I wouldn’t consider myself into baking bread. I would rather just buy fresh baked bread from a bakery or grocery store. But every now and then I get the urge to have fresh bread come out of my oven. This was one of those times. The first time I made bread I was scared. Afraid that it wouldn’t turn out. But once it came out and tasted delicious my fears went away so fast and I became addicted to making bread. This recipe is soooo easy. Don’t shy away from baking it up, you have to try it…trust me. please.

Delicious Rating: This bread is so simple with just 4 ingredients.It is super soft on the inside with a wonderful crusty crust on the outside. What I love about this easy recipe is that you can add a billion different ingredients to it to really give it some more pizzazz and flavors. Like, fresh herbs, cheeses, zests, nuts, seeds, even jalapenos! Mix and match to find what you love in the perfect homemade bread recipe. We loved it and ate it with pasta that night and then snacked on it the next day with soft butter. Yum!


Garlic & Basil Flatbread

Flatbreads are easy bread recipes for any occasion or meal. You can mix and match with different herbs or use as a pizza dough too. The options are endless. I served this flatbread with some Pasta with Avocado Cream Sauce. The flavors of garlic and basil really went perfectly with the simple pasta and this bread holds up great to clean the plate as well!

Delicious Rating: I really enjoyed this bread. It is soft and a little chewy, which I love when it comes with pasta. As I said the options are endless.  I think I will use this again for pizza dough or chop in fresh herbs when mixing the dough together. Then just bake or drizzle with a little olive oil. How do you like your flatbreads? I am open for suggestions!


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