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Charcoal grill or Gas grill? Choose your Barbecue and cook up some of these Delicious Barbecue Recipes. Burgers, Ribs, and all the fixins’ to help your barbecue taste as good as it looks! Not into meat? Don’t worry! I have a collection of barbecued recipes. entrees and sides, that are also easy to prepare and perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Why not try our Bean Burger or Seitan Ribs. Need a good barbecue sauce recipe? Look no further than here, I have the best barbecue sauce recipe ever! Let me know your favorite barbecue recipe and how you like to prepare it!

Barbecued Seitan Ribs & BBQ Sauce


Finger licking good Barbecue Ribs! Oh, and these are Vegan Ribs! Who would’ve thought, right?! I have been curious about Seitan and wondered what it tastes like really. I didn’t think I would be able to find any in my town here in Mexico but I gave it a shot and yes! Vital Wheat Gluten (Seitan) is available at a little health food store not too far away. So first things first, we have to barbecue this stuff up. I mean you can throw anything on a charcoal grill and it will taste good.

Cooking these up require some baking time and then a little grilling time. The anticipation was killing me. As soon as they were off the grill I took a piece of the corner rib and popped it in my mouth. Haw…Hawhaa…HOT! I basically burned my mouth insides pretty bad! Don’t do that ladies and gentlemen, wait for the food to cool.

Delicious Rating: So how do they taste? Like rib meat! Believe it not, I am serious. Rib meat without the bone. The second time I made these for a BBQ with some friends. One thought that they were actually ribs and I had taken the bones out! I think grilling them over charcoal really infuses that deep BBQ taste. Plus, the sauce was super delicious so nobody was thinking that it wasn’t real meat. So I like seitan ribs! I am excited to cook more with this vital wheat gluten and share my delicious (hopefully) easy recipes with you!



Grilled Vegan Bean Burger


Sorry but I had to bite into this burger. I mean look at it. Doesn’t it look good? Imagine it just came off the charcoal grill and smells delicious. Could you wait to take a bite?

And yes, you read the title correctly. This is a Vegan Bean Burger. Bean burger. I know.

I had an all out Vegan BBQ for one of the NBA final games. Seitan ribs, baked beans, vegan pasta salad, and these burgers. All Vegan. It was quite interesting but great with all the different flavors and textures.

Delicious Rating: This is an easy recipe that can be cooked ahead of time if you wish. If you love to grill and you are looking for a vegan/vegetarian burger, try this. You certainly wouldn’t be missing the real thing. Grilling infuses the great charcoal taste that I love into the bean patty and it has a nice crisp exterior while the inside is a bit beany. The taste is great but the texture gets a bit ‘mashed bean’ halfway through. I think next time I will make them a little thinner and possibly add some wheat gluten to it for more texture. Other than that, these Vegan burgers are a go. I definitely recommend them to any vegan, vegetarian, or one looking for a different meat alternative.



Barbecue Baked Beans


You cannot have a barbecue without baked beans. I love to place my baked beans right next to my side of potato salad. The thick sweet sauce of the beans runs into the creaminess of the potato salad…Yum! What a combination!

Although I am not against a good can of Bush’s Baked Beans, I do occasionally make my own. Since we have been down here in Mexico it is my only choice since canned baked beans are not available!

Delicious Rating: The beans turned out delicious. This easy recipe cooks up a thick sauce that is sweet and tangy. The pieces of bacon add the right amount of smoked saltiness. The recipe is easy and can be adjusted according to your taste. I will definitely cook these again.



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