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Asian Recipes are not limited to something with rice. They range in depth and flavor, with noodles or plenty of veggies. Asian Recipes are often easy to cook, not requiring much skill but taste skillfully cooked! My favorite Asian foods include Bibingka Malagkit hailing from the Philippines, Thai Yellow Curry, Szechuan French Green Beans from China, and any Spicy Korean Noodle Soup. I try to cook up an Asian dish once a week in my home to add spice, flavor, and flair to our dinner menu. Find some delicious and easy Asian food to cook up for your next meal at home too and leave a comment letting me know how it turned out!

Ponzu Green Stir Fry


Ponzu Green StirFry - Delicious Vegan Recipe
My go to easy recipe for dinner has to be a stir-fry. I always have some veggies in the fridge; broccoli and carrots are must haves in my house. There is always a piece of ginger root hiding behind something and of course some garlic. Rice and a few bottles of condiments are always on hand as well in my pantry. So when I haven’t put any thought into what we are having for dinner, stir-fry it is! It is a healthy delicious meal. Almost always vegan & vegetarian, full of fiber and plant proteins. This time around I had some Marukan Ponzu Premium Soy Dressing with Sudachi Citrus in my pantry and decided to make a Ponzu Green Stir Fry.
Ponzu Green StirFry (4)

Delicious Rating: I am in love with this Ponzu Dressing! It is an absolute must in your pantry and there are plenty of recipes on the Marukan site to cook up using the dressing. I balanced out the citrus with some ginger and honey. It was a nice change up to my Tofu Stir-Fry recipe adding another layer of flavor to the sauce. I only used green veggies and they were great but next time I think I will add a red bell pepper and some carrots for some color on that plate! FOR RECIPE & PHOTO GUIDE CLICK → → RECIPE & PHOTO GUIDE


Gingered Peanut Sauce


Gingered Peanut Sauce This really looks like nothing but believe me when I say that it is some of the best sauce I have ever made and eaten in my life! Over-exaggeration? Hardly. This stuff is really good and to top it off it is a quick and easy recipe with almost all things on hand in your pantry and fridge.

Delicious Rating: I love this sauce. I eat it by the spoon usually for awhile until I realize it goes with the rest of dinner. Pair the sauce with pasta, spring rolls, chicken…whatever you want to put a peanut ginger sauce with, do it. I have another recipe for a spicy peanut sauce (I can’t find it of course) but you can totally spice this sauce up by adding in some chili flakes before blending. Let me know what you choose to pair your sauce with!
Gingered Peanut Sauce



The Cheesecake Factory’s Miso Salmon


One of my favorite dishes at The Cheesecake Factory is the Miso Salmon. It is light, the fish is perfectly cooked, and you think you are eating something healthy from The Cheesecake Factory…think again! Nothing from that restaurant is very healthy but everything is delicious and really, isn’t that all that matters?

Every time we are visiting home The Cheesecake Factory is a must on our restaurant list. I always try to order something different on their huge menu or get my usual (cobb salad with blue cheese) and something else to take home. Well, this one time I tried the Miso Salmon. Yum! The salmon just falls apart at the touch of your fork and melts in your mouth. The miso glaze is sweet and yet perfectly balanced with umami that you just want that glaze and a spoon. The salmon sits on top a bed of jasmine rice and garnished with a few snow peas. A great dinner with a few more veggies or a light lunch that is easy to pack up for work and heat at the office. This easy recipe really duplicates the meal spot on, you will absolutely love it!

I used a ginger and garlic paste but if you use minced or chopped, just run the glaze through a food processor or blender once finished. Also, look for miso, soybean paste, in your grocer Asian aisle or at an Asian grocery store. I used 4 salmon fillets, about 6 ounces each and 1 inch thick.



Filipino Chicken Adobo


One of my favorite Filipino dishes is Chicken Adobo. A simple dish that goes with rice and tastes delicious. This easy recipes is a must when I go home and meet up with the family. Slow cooked with the chicken falling off the bone…oh man! My mouth is watering right now!

Delicious Rating: Hello food goodness! For me chicken adobo is almost like a comfort food that I could eat while snuggled in a blanket on the couch watching a movie. All the flavors meld so well to give it such a delicious flavor and the chicken is so tender, decease juicy, price and falls right off the bone. The brown sugar cuts the vinegar and also thickens up the sauce while the bay leaves add that hint of herbs on the palate. Serve over rice for a different dinner recipe that your family is sure to enjoy!



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