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“What is your favorite food?” That has to be one of the hardest questions I have ever been asked. Where I do begin?

Pastas-Spaghetti, Pizza-Hawaiian, Sushi-Dragon Roll…or Spicy Tuna, Movie Nachos, anything with SUGAR, Papaya water is sooo good, warm bread & butter is on the top of the list for sure, a good cut of beef grilled to perfection, Seafood-all seafood, eggplant sandwich, a Cobb salad with bleu cheese dressing, an all beef hot dog with mustard, freshly fried lumpia, hash brown casserole from Cracker Barrel, a grilled cheese with tomato soup, sharp white cheddar with crackers and a chilled glass of Moscato, homemade guacamole with spicy Doritos, corn on the cob drenched in butter…and the list seriously goes on & on, how could I possibly choose?!

Coming from an area as diverse as San Francisco, one gets introduced to some very delicious food from a variety of cultures. When my DH and I moved to Central Mexico in 2009, I had to really start cooking to make up the slack my taste buds were experiencing. I had to fill the void of living and eating in the Bay Area. Finding a diversity of food was difficult and when we did find something chances were it wasn’t that great.

We lived in Mexico for three years before moving further south to Costa Rica for a two year stay. Now we are back in California and I’m incorporating all those spices and tricks I learned overseas into my cooking here in the USA.

Cooking is not just a way to feed my body but to feed my body something delicious. I cook to satisfy my palate. I don’t ‘eat to live’ but rather I live to eat.

Cook.Eat.Delicious is comprised of the many recipes I use to create a delicious meal at home. Also added in are different restaurant reviews, featuring a dish that we found to be delicious as well. I hope that what I Cook & Eat can be a Delicious experience for the both of us!


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